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The Values Style Report: Internal Motivators (Online)

Values Style Report- Online

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Values Style Report- Online

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Quick Overview

  • This Values Profile focuses on one’s values style and internal motivators (Personal Freedom, Loyalty, Justice, and Equality)

  • Understand what internally motivates you and guides you in your decision making

  • Includes a Values Style Assessment with scoring instructions and style descriptions


The Values Style Profile helps us understand our internal value system which we use daily to make judgments about tasks, relationships, issues, events, and goals.

Use the Values Style Profile in counseling, training, hiring, ministry, and consulting situations to help you:

  • Discover a person's underlying motivators
  • Assess a person's willingness to change
  • Understand how traditions affect a marriage
  • Make quality "people" decisions when hiring
  • Understand your child's need for personal freedom
  • Assess the level of a person's involvement
  • Place staff in positions they will enjoy
  • Understand how a need for equality affects communication

Just as there are two sides to an iceberg (a visible side and a hidden side) so are there two sides to our personality. One is our needs-driven motivation which the DISC Personality System measures. The second is our values-driven motivation which is the focus of the Values Profile.

The difference between your personality and values is that personality has been formed over your life's experiences. Personality may change over time or be modified to meet a particular environment. Values are different. We have aptly added to the Values Profile the subtitle of "Your Invisible Motivators." Values are ingrained; they run deep in a person's being. They are opinions and methods of response to particular situations. Most everything a person does has its root in their Values Style, from how they handle relationships, to how they advance their career, and relate to co-workers, family and friends.

Use The Values Style Profile in conjunction with The Personality System and The TEAMS Profile as a complete battery for use in hiring, team building, relationship development, goal setting and career planning for a comprehensive analysis.

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