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TEAMS and Values (Online Course)

TEAMS & Values Online

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TEAMS & Values Online

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Quick Overview

  • This online course covers 2 assessments that we recommend using in conjunction with the DISC Personality System: Thinking Style and Values Style

  • TEAMS (Theorist, Executor, Analyzer, Manager, Strategist) help us to understand our strengths when working alone or contributing to a group

  • The Values styles (Personal Freedom, Loyalty, Justice, Equality) our decision making and internally motivate us

  • Examine a person from a 3 dimensions with DISC, TEAMS, and Values Assessments for hiring, team building, or consulting


Strengthen your "people knowledge" with our Thinking Styles and Values Online Training Course (with DISC Overview).

Join Sanford "Sandy" Kulkin, Ph.D., as he guides you through a comprehensive training course that focuses on:

  • Personality and Behavior - Through the use of the DISC Personality System
  • Thinking Style and Roles - Through the use of the Thinking Styles Assessment
  • Values and Hidden Motivators - Through the use of the Values Style Assessment


Understanding Personality Styles provides information about a person's strengths and limitations and provides key insights for maximizing those strengths and minimizing limitations.  You will also discover how to:

  • Improve communication
  • Enhance personal and professional relationships 
  • Motivate and influence those around you
  • Avoid conflict and reduce stress


Understanding Thinking Styles provides leaders with the information they need to strategically place team members for maximum effectiveness.  During the Thinking Style portion of this training, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the five key roles in team performance: Theorist, Executor, Analyzer, Manager and Strategist.
  • Measure the internal natural role that a person will play on a team and what their most effective role will be.
  • Discover the key value to the team, core strengths and potential limitations for each of the Thinking styles.


Understanding a person's Values provides insight into the hidden motivators that influence behavior.  During the Values portion of this training, you will learn how the values of Loyalty, Equality, Personal Freedom and Justice impact an individual's perceptions, decisions and actions.

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