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DISC Profile and Human Behavioral Assessments Provider

Group Report Now Available
Group Report Now Available
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DISC Test and Human Behavioral Assessments Provider

The DISC Test is one of the most useful tools available to companies and organizations today. No matter what kind of business or organization you are a part of, it is the people who support and maintain it that are its most valuable resource. By understanding the predictability of communication and human behavior, one can unlock the true potential and capability of the people within an organization. The DISC Profile should be applied in the areas of:

  • Hiring the Right Employee
  • Employee and Volunteer Placement
  • Team Building
  • Sales Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Conflict Resolution and Prevention
  • Stress Management
  • Counseling and Consultancy
  • Career Guidance

The DISC Profile can be one of the secrets to your success. A company's most valuable resource is oftentimes its people. When people are motivated, well-managed, working in a team, and well-matched to their position, it creates a ripple through the company of increased communication, efficiency, productivity, and motivation. Using the DISC Profile and the DISC Hiring System can make a noticeable difference in your company. The DISC Test and Personality System is the first step to retaining top employees and increasing communication and morale today.

Does your company suffer from employee turnover? Every time you lose an employee, it is very costly, especially when factoring in recruitment, training, lost productivity, and lost sales. With DISC Hiring you can focus on the DISC Profile match that would be most productive, efficient, and motivated within the open position. Understand human behavior and make sure that you hire managers with good communication skills, decision making ability, and a DISC Profile that matches with that of their team. Use a DISC Test to find the person to hire with the perfect combination of organizational skills to people skills. By using DISC Hiring to find the right person from the start, you reduce employee turnover, retain top performers, and increase employee morale by applying an understanding of human behavior with the DISC Personality Styles.

Does your company have an employee morale problem? Poor communication and a lack of recognition are often times the main problems leading to low morale, which then leads to lost productivity and employee turnover. Combat these negative forces in your company by using the DISC Test for team building today. As each person in the team begins to understand their own strengths, limitations, communication style, and motivational characteristics, as well as those of their team members, the team can begin to approach each other in a more effective way. This increases understanding amongst team members, decreases conflict, and allows people to play to their strengths when working with others. As communication and motivation increase, so does morale, retention, and productivity.

PeopleKeys, through DISC Insights, also offers other DISC Profile Assessment add-ons based on human behavior that when paired with the DISC Test and resulting DISC Profile reports can give a truly three dimensional view of a person. These include individual workplace thinking style and application to group efficiency, workplace values and how these influence human behavior and decision making, perceptual styles of how one best receives information, and cognitive styles of how one best processes information. For ministries, we also offer a Spiritual Gifts Inventory, which is offered in combination with the DISC Test. The DISC Test itself can result in a number of DISC Profile reports, including the Sales Style Report, Career Style Report, Career Match Report, and personal growth reports based on Fitness Style or Relationship Style. For educators and students, we have combined many of these profiles into a system for high school and college age students. The StudentKeys program results in a better understanding of self, other, and human behavior in general, direction for career choice, goal setting, communication, and crucial information for improving study habits and GPA.

Incorporating an organization into DISC culture through understanding human behavior with the use of the DISC Test and DISC Profile, can increase the overall effectiveness of the people who make up that organization, the communication between leaders and co-workers, and the reduction of stress and prevention of conflict through a better understanding of predictable human behavior. The DISC Test when applied to hiring is proven to increase job satisfaction and reduce employee turnover, which can save a company upwards of $25,000 per employee retained. Contact PeopleKeys today and Unlock Human Potential.

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