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PeopleKeys Group Dynamics Report

Group Dynamics Report from PeopleKeys on Vimeo.


This innovative behavioral profile is perfect for groups- it describes and analyzes your team’s unique composition and identifies how each individual’s personality contributes to the group.

  • Understand how all of the parts of a team effect the whole.

  • Identify the primary, secondary, and tertiary styles that dominate your group.

  • Create a framework for analyzing and discussing issues within existing teams, and create a benchmark for hiring for new additions to teams that will fulfill your team’s needs.

  • Improve interpersonal communication, efficacy and productivity through increased understanding of your team’s dynamic

The Group Dynamics Report is perfect for team building and assessing leadership and management group styles. Understand and Diagnose your Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses, and Work Towards a Stronger, More Unified Team Culture!

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PeopleKeys is offering a special introductory rate
of $40 for the remainder of 2016.

Retail Pricing for 2017:


1 - 9 = $60

10 - 24 = $51 (15%)

25 - 49 = $48 (20%)

50 - 99 = $45 (25%)

100 + = $42 (30%)

"To purchase in bulk, please contact your account administrator for your discounts"

Ability to purchase in bulk and receive automatic volume discount will not be available for Group Report initially on App2.

Please Note: To create a group for this report, you will apply already completed DISC scores in your account. Please contact us to discuss package pricing for DISC Reports and Group Dynamics Reports.


Product Description

Understand and Diagnose your Team’s Strengths and Weaknesses, and Work Towards a Stronger, More Unified Team Culture!

  • Individual personality assessments are combined in this report to determine the ways in which the most common personality styles influence and affect the group.

  • Assesses the DISC personality style of your team, and offers descriptions of your team’s dynamic and offers suggestions to help your team optimize its strengths.

  • Describes the role, key value to the team, core strengths, and potential limitations for each DISC style.


The group report increases team members’ understanding and appreciation for each others’:

  • Skills

  • Environmental and task preferences

  • Ways of communicating

  • Leadership Style

  • Areas for growth


Fostering understanding and empathy within a team’s culture can increase trust, enhance communication, and help teams to capitalize on their strengths.

Languages Available: English (US)

Applications Include: Team Building, Leadership Development, Hiring & Talent Management

By beginning the analysis at the individual level, and then broadening the focus to incorporate the group enhances individual’s understanding of where they fit in the picture. It applies DISC personality and behavioral analysis to a small group, which is unprecedented. This report can help teams to create a framework and language for talking about the elephant in the room. It will give them an idea of what is holding them back, and how they can move forward. By helping team members understand each other and how to communicate with one another, teams can really create an open dialogue about what is going on, and how things need to proceed.

The Team Culture Report combines all of the powerful insights of the individual DISC personality assessments into one comprehensive report. For the first time, companies can see all of their employees (or potential employees) personality styles in one document. This allows companies, HR departments, and coworkers to understand how their group works, why it does what it does, and how it can do better.

Based off of the premise that high-performing companies have high-performing teams, the Team Culture Report allows team members to better understand one another, and this empathy and improved communication leads to higher productivity. Being able to analyze, craft, diagnose, and cultivate a productive and communicative team culture is considered by PeopleKeys to be a cornerstone of effective teamwork. 

The Team Culture Report begins by describing the DISC personality system and an overview of team culture styles in general. It then offers teams a resource for self assessing the culture of their team before giving them a depiction of their specific team’s graphs. It also incorporates each of the graphs for the individuals on the team, so team members can see what their primary, secondary, and tertiary styles are, and view the styles of their fellow team members. The report also includes a description of the traits, strengths, and weakness of each combination of styles. Following this description, the report offers some suggestions that are specific to this combination of styles.

The Team Culture Report can offer insights for all 40 combinations of styles. PeopleKeys’ intention with this report was to offer teams a language and framework for understanding and assessing their specific strengths and weaknesses. The Team Culture report is a resource for groups to be able to diagnose their problems, and create actionable responses. It doesn’t offer broad generic statements, but rather advises teams on how to improve their relationships by offering tools and advice that is specific to the makeup of their team. This can enhance interpersonal relationships, reduce stress and conflict, and ultimately make teams more efficient and productive.

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