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Introduction to Behavioral Analysis Course +

Introduction to Behavioral Analysis Course +

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Quick Overview

Become an expert in Behavioral Analysis with our Introduction to Behavioral Analysis Course/Live training

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Become an expert in Behavioral Analysis with our Introduction to Behavioral Analysis Course/Live training

Not only will you receive access to the online Introduction to Behavioral Analysis class, but you will receive three hours of live training with PeopleKeys’ Master Trainer, John Schindell.

This live training will allow you to clarify your understanding of DISC, its applications, and gain further insight into the art and science of applied personality assessment and Behavioral Analysis.

Take the class online and learn about applied DISC for yourself; then take your knowledge to the next level by learning straight from the experts!

With our Introduction to Behavioral Analysis Digital Chalk Course and Live Training, you will soon be able to:

  • Understand DISC theory and how it relates to predictable human behavior and personalities
  • Be able to comprehend and identify the four primary dominant personality styles, and understand how they interact and communicate
  • Training on how to administer and assess the results of different DISC behavioral reports
  • A look at various applications of DISC-based behavioral analysis
  • Strategies for implementing positive changes using the results of DISC tests
  • Add value for your clients, and add income to your business by becoming a Certified Behavioral Consultant (after completing Level 2 DISC Training Course)
  • Earn 3 IACET-approved Continuing Education Credits (after completing both Level 1 and Level 2 of the DISC Training Courses)

Introduction to Behavioral Analysis, Level One -

The online Introduction to Behavioral Analysis (IBA) class will allow you to move at your own pace, and with our recent addition of the live training aspect, you will no longer have to do the tests online.

After completing this course you will have a full understanding of DISC personality styles.  Everything to get you started with DISC.


  • A free online portal account with 5 DISC reports to get you started.
  • Downloadable “Understanding DISC” training PowerPoint
  • Introduction to Behavioral Analysis course manual
  • 3 hour live training session (see below for more information)

Cost $795

Dates:   January 26 1pm - 4pm ET

February 23 1pm - 4pm ET

For more dates please contact

3 hour Live online training with Master Trainer, John Schindell-

Sample agenda for the live trainings:

Section 1
Introduction to DISC
Contributing factors to behavior
Human behavior and awareness
Principles of behavioral interaction


Section 2
Understanding the assessment tool
Types of assessments
Administering the profile
Scoring and Graphing

Section 3
Characteristics of each style
Motivation and environment
Graph interpretation
Identifying stress
Special patterns
Style blends



Product Description

Understand the basic aspects of the DISC personality assessment system, Behavioral Analysis principles and applications, and DISC graph and report interpretation with this thorough online, self-paced training course.  After enrolling in this online course, you will be trained by an expert in the field of Behavioral Analysis, Dr. Sanford Kulkin.

Dr. Kulkin has over 35 years of experience in the field of applied personality assessment and Behavioral Analysis. His highly accessible approach to the study of personality will provide you with a compelling look at DISC as a framework for understanding yourself and others. The DISC personality system and applied Behavioral Analysis to understand and predict other people’s actions, know how to communicate with them more effectively, and recognize what motivates them.   

By completing this introductory course, you will be able to minimize interpersonal conflicts and stress, capitalize on your personal strengths while minimizing your weaknesses, improve teamwork, and enhance productivity.

You are investing in yourself, your business or organization, and your interpersonal relationships by taking this course. It will help you to acquire new skills which will help you to consult, manage, counsel, and communicate with others more effectively. By utilizing the principles of Behavioral Analysis as a part of your practice, you can…

  • Improve personal and professional relationships
  • Gain empathy and understanding about the people around you by taking hte mystery out of personality and behavior
  • Enhance your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses
  • Resolve power struggles and conflicts by using an understanding of communication styles and internal motivators
  • Improve teamwork
  • Help children and teenagers develop a positive self-image
  • Comprehend the message behind a person’s nonverbal communication
  • Recognize why and how people make the decisions that they do
  • Develop focused and motivated teams
  • Save hours of consulting time
  • Teach others about applied behavior

Additionally, you will learn...

  • How different personality styles process information and respond to change
  • Each behavioral style’s dominant fears and how this affects their behavior
  • History and origin of the theory of personality
  • Principles of behavioral interaction
  • Compatibility of behavior styles
  • How to distinguish between a person’s mask and his/her core self
  • How to identify when a person is experiencing stress
  • Relational orientation versus task accomplishment orientation and the effects of these different orientations on behavior and relationships
  • Factors that contribute to the development of the behavioral styles

PeopleKeys is an IACET Authorized Provider. PeopleKeys offers 3 IACET-approved CEU credits for this course.

After purchase, please allow for 1 business day to be registered in the courses. You’ll be emailed your login information separately.

This course is a Level 1 DISC Training Course, which results in a certificate of completion. In order to receive DISC Certification or Accreditation, both the Level 1 and Level 2 DISC Training Courses will need to be completed. You may want to look into the following products either in conjunction with this course or which include this course:


DISC Certification: Certified Behavioral Life Coach (CBLC) Package with Christian Counseling Focus (Online Courses)


Languages Available: English (US)

Note 1: You must receive a 80% score on the course examination to pass this course.

Note 2: These courses do not grant any certification or qualification in psychological counseling. These courses are distributed with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering professional psychological services. If expert assistance is required, the advice of a licensed professional should be sought.

After purchase, please allow for 1 business day to be registered in the courses. You’ll be emailed your login information separately.

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