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The Children's DISC Online Report (Online)

The Children's DISC Online Report (Online)

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Quick Overview

By helping a parent better understand the inner workings of their child’s mind, this report can help improve communication, and minimize misunderstandings and miscommunications. The individualized results from the report can help parents to learn how to encourage and motivate their child based on their unique personality and preferences. Since children are in a developmental stage where metacognition and applied introspection is difficult, this report helps to create the language and framework necessary to help kids cultivate a growth mindset. Designed to foster an understanding of DISC personality styles and characteristics as they relate to children and parents and their relationships, the report communicated how the child interacts with others, which environments they thrive within, and how they can overcome obstacles. The Children’s report helps parents to use an understanding of the relationships between their own DISC style and that of their child. The report offers suggestions and advice as to how parents can make informed choices about how to create ideal environments that will empower their child to succeed.


Children’s Report Sections Include: -Introduction to the report and what you and your child will learn -Overview of DISC Behavioral Styles -Your DISC Style Blend- a description of your child’s specific personality based off of the results of their DISC test -Your DISC Graph- the results of your child’s DISC test in graph format -Improving Communication- tips for communicating with your child based off of the parent’s personality -Intensity of Your DISC Style- shows the characteristics of the intensity of each style within your child -Using DISC to Improve Relationships- advice for using your understanding of your child’s personality to improve your relationship with them

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