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DISC Team building Increases Employee Morale

Help Retain Your Top Performers

“Low morale leads to lost productivity, which costs the American economy $350 billion annually,” according to the Gallup Organization. There are many reasons for which employees have low morale and perform below expectations. A very common reason that employees are feeling unhappy in their position is because they are misemployed, which means they are placed in a position where they are not being optimized or feeling unable to succeed. Other reasons can include poor communication with co-workers or management, a lack of clear directions and attainable goals for their positions, and a lack of recognition.

Communication is a huge factor and a simple one to predict. When employees don’t feel comfortable asking questions and talking with their superiors, it can cause misunderstandings between everyone. In situations where employees must work as a team, it is important that there is a good mix of personalities so they are able to work together successfully. If one verbal employee experiences low morale, everyone in their area will experience it. Negativity can spread through a company quickly, ultimately resulting in lost productivity and apathy as opposed to self-motivation and enthusiasm, which is also contagious. Something as simple as how we communicate with and understand each other can change the entire tone of the team or small company.

Engaging your employees in activities that are not strictly about work is a great way to boost morale. DISC Teambuilding increases employee morale and helps to retain top performers.

We suggest one of these teambuilding activities to improve morale:

  • Have your different teams or employee groups take the DISC personality profile and discuss each other’s communication style, natural tendencies, preferred environments and predictable behaviors. This allows for improved communication and understanding in the workplace.

  • For a more in-depth experience, have your teams take the DISC, TEAMS, and Values profiles and have them discuss each others personality & communication styles, thinking styles, strengths in a group, and workplace values. Other profiles are also available include Sales Style and Career Style, focusing on personalities as they pertain to selling and being sold to, and ideal environments in which we prefer to work and excel.

  • Hire a PeopleKeys consultant or representative to conduct a live training with your staff in these areas. View a group chart of the personality styles within your teams and gain great insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each group as it works or does not work together with suggestions for improvement.

  • Have one of your trainers or HR staff complete the PeopleKeys training (live, online, or in paper format) and conduct these team building exercises with your teams on a regular basis or as they change.

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