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DISC Training Webinar Based Learning Initiative

Webinar based learning and training has become an engrained part of today's organizational objectives for business development across a wide array of industries and markets. Hosting a DISC Training Webinar is no different. Because of the numerous ways that behavioral styles and personality traits can be applied to various real world business issues, continuing education, using a blended learning style that theDISC Training Webinar format provides, is key to maximizing your understanding of the intricate nuances and myriad of applications in which DISC Behavioral Assessments provide.

Perhaps one of the most dynamic uses of the DISC Test is its ability to analyze the potential for team success, team conflict or more importantly the true test of a team, team work. Being armed with the behavioral profiles of a team is key for a company's talent management. Having the capability to create a visual image of multiple disc profiles on a single graph to determine the strengths and weaknesses of a group of people is key to corporate team building. Our DISC Training Webinar series on Dynamic DISC Tools- The Radar Graph presents this team building aspect of DISC training in an easy to understand format.

The current emphasis on leadership excellence and customized sales training in the workplace also provides a unique opportunity for a business development professional to incorporate the use of behavioral assessments to create effective interpersonal interactions with their own sales team. Our upcoming DISC Training Webinar series DISC for the Real World- Applications for a Demanding Business World, will tackle both of these issues.

Another way we are looking to use the DISC Training Webinar format as a means of continuing education and blended learning in the use of DISC Test and DISC Assessments as a viable behavioral assessment is for stress management and conflict resolution. These are issues that are common in all businesses. A future DISC Training Webinar that looks at how DISC Personality Traits and behavioral styles play into team work to reduce team conflict and increase team success is being planned.

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