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DISC Personality Test & DISC Testing

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What is a DISC Personality Test Online?

The current day DISC Personality Test Online has been adapted over time. It's based on the personality theory of psychologist, William Marston. This DISC Theory was then developed into the DISC Personality Assessment format by Industrial Psychologist, Walter Vernon Clarke. The version of the DISC Personality Assessment and resulting DISC Profile used today was later adapted by John Greier, who simplified the DISC Personality Test Online format for more concise and accurate results.

What does the DISC Personality Assessment measure?

The DISC Personality Assessment measures the four quadrants of personality, as created by William Marston. Each person has a unique combination of four personality traits (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness).

  • Dominance (also known as Drive)- As one's DISC Personality Type relates to power, control, and assertiveness Personality Traits: Direct, Decisive, Risk-Taker, Problem Solver, Argumentative
  • Influence (also known as Inducement)- As one's DISC Personality Type relates to communication and social situations Personality Traits: Outgoing, Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Persuasive, Impulsive, Emotional
  • Steadiness (also known as Submission) - As one's DISC Personality Type relates to patience, thoughtfulness, and stability Personality Traits: Good listener, Predictable, Understanding, Supportive, Friendly, Generous
  • Conscientiousness (also known as Compliance)- As one's DISC Personality Type relates to structure and organization Personality Traits: Accurate, Precise, Careful, Correct, Systematic, Analytical, High-standards

What to keep in mind during DISC Testing.

While DISC Testing is going on, you will be answering questions in the format of which of the following is Most like you and which of the following is Least like you. See the following as an example:

So as you might infer, your DISC Personality Assessment is heavily based off of how you answer your questions during DISC Testing. Your Personality Type is different in different situations. You may be calm and confident while in a business situation, outgoing and gregarious when with close personal friends, or reserved and quiet when meeting new people for the first time. While DISC Testing is going on, you should answer the MOST/LEAST questions in the mindset for the purpose of your DISC Personality Assessment. If you are going through DISC Testing to see a DISC Personality Assessment to help with marriage counseling, you should take it in the mindset of how you interact with your spouse. If you going through DISC Testing for a job interview or administering DISC Testing for hiring, you should make sure the participants know to answer the MOST/LEAST in the mindset of at work.

The Bottom Line: Accurate DISC Testing requires the frame of mind for the situation that you want your DISC Personality Assessment to reflect.

What are the applications of the DISC Personality Assessment?

The DISC Personality Assessment measures one's predictable personality traits and outward behaviors based on their DISC Personality Type. These aspects of personality, tell us important information about how we relate to people, systems, conflict, and environments. Below are some of the common applications for the DISC Personality Test Online:

  • Hiring (Pre-Employment Screening)
  • Employee & Volunteer Placement
  • Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Personal Development
  • Sales Training
  • Leadership & Management Training
  • Career Placement

What are the different types of DISC Personality Test Online offered by PeopleKeys?

PeopleKeys has a few distinctions between DISC Personality Assessments. We have both a paper version of the DISC Personality Test Online and an online version of the DISC Personality Test Online. In the online version, your results are automatically calculated, resulting in a generated PDF report. In the paper format, after completing the assessment, you'll need to add up your results and graph the results. In the online version, each report section is tailored to your specific DISC Style, while in the paper format, after completing your graphs and finding your style, you would turn to the appropriate page describing your DISC style. The online report is more customized for your exact DISC Style.

PeopleKeys also offers two different versions of the test (available both in paper and online formats). The first is a 24-question DISC Personality Test Online. For each question, you need to choose which answer describes you the most and which describes you the least. The second version, the 15-question DISC Personality Test Online, is designed for younger audiences and uses simpler language.. For each of the 15 questions, you will arrange the answers in order from 1 to 4. 1 being the least like you, 2 being the second least, 3 being more like you, and 4 being the most like you.

We would suggest the 24-question, online assessment for the most accurate and in-depth results.
Read more on the validity of the PeopleKeys DISC Personality Assessment.
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