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DISC PowerPoint Training: Understanding Personality Styles

Understanding Personality Style CD

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People are predictably different The DISC Styles Communication Styles High "D" Characteristics Learning about my style "D" Characteristics Understanding Personality Style CD

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Quick Overview

  • This PowerPoint Training includes 96 slides for DISC Training.

  • Learn about the development and application of the DISC Personality System.

  • Gain an understanding of each DISC personality style and how to interpret graphs.

  • This is a great tool for coaches/consultants or organizations who use DISC.


A Professional-quality PowerPoint® presentation:

  • Add your presenter's notes to the bottom of each slide
  • This PowerPoint Presentation follows along with the Personality System Workbook
  • Allows your clients to follow along with your presentation
  • Includes the "Understanding Your Personality System" seminar in PPT and PPTX formats

This newly revised and updated PowerPoint presentation is a must-have for trainers and presenters!
Includes the following slides:

  • slide 1: Title Slide
  • slide 2: Predictable Behavior
  • slide 3: Development of DISC
  • slide 4-5: Empodocles
  • slide 6-7: Hippocrates
  • slide 8-9: Carl Jung
  • slide 10-11: William Marston
  • slide 12-15: Contributing Factors
  • slide 16-24: Trust Model
  • slide 25-31: Behavioral Principles
  • slide 32: Learning About My Style
  • slide 33: Online Reports
  • slide 34: The DISC Personality System
  • slide 35-45: Scoring Your Profile
  • slide 46: Style Characteristics
  • slide 47-51: The D Style
  • slide 52-56: The I Style
  • slide 57-61: The S Style
  • slide 62-66: The C Style
  • slide 67: Behavioral Characteristics
  • slide 68: Characteristics of the D
  • slide 69: Characteristics of the I
  • slide 70: Characteristics of the S
  • slide 71: Characteristics of the C
  • slide 72: D Personal Growth Areas
  • slide 73: I Personal Growth Areas
  • slide 74: S Personal Growth Areas
  • slide 75: C Personal Growth Areas
  • slide 76: Style Characteristics of the D
  • slide 77: Style Characteristics of the I
  • slide 78: Style Characteristics of the S
  • slide 79: Style Characteristics of the C
  • slide 80-83: Relating for the D
  • slide 84-87: Relating for the I
  • slide 88-91: Relating for the S
  • slide 92-95: Relating for the C
  • slide 96: Building Effective Relationships

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