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Case Studies

United Airlines

Project Scope
To develop a comprehensive training program to be used in conjunction with a five-week onsite training program for new hires. The program must quickly identify personal styles and approaches to customer service, and be presented in a very practical, hands-on approach. The program was designed to assist in training of 3600 new employees.

Development Considerations
United Airlines required 12 hours of curriculum, along with scripting, directing, and producing videos using subject matter experts in the actual work place environment. In addition, the following materials were required: Instructor and Student Manuals, PowerPoint presentations, strength based assessments and reporting software for personal action plans.

Special Considerations

  1. Time frame for development was less than 90 days from receipt of contract.
  2. CCC was to provide qualified trainers with at least a Masters level degree to train 4 days a week on-site in Chicago for an 18-month period.

Highest rated training materials (from UAL internal sampling) of any new hire training module. Videos produced won industry wide recognition and an award for best in customer service training.

Integrity, Inc

Project Scope
Assistance in all key hiring practices and decisions


  1. Began in 1987 as a direct mail marketing club and grew into a Christian media communications company.
  2. Became a public corporation in 1994.
Integrity needed a solution in a major arena: A comprehensive approach to hiring managerial employees.

Integrity utilizes HireRight processes as an efficient and effective means to identify qualified managerial and executive level candidates. The Institute for Motivational Living's HireRight program has been implemented for over ten years. A comprehensive profiling and position description plan are in place for executive and managerial positions. This allows candidates to be assessed for soft skills as well as necessary hard skills, and interview questions to be generated to probe skills and possible areas of concern.

  • 1998 Sales = $38,847,000
  • 2000 Sales = $51,819,000
  • 2002 Sales = $66,345,000

Santek Environmental

Project Scope
Develop a long-term strategic plan for aggressive growth and market dominance working directly with President and CEO. Consulting services include a yearly strategic marketing plan with hands-on involvement in major contract and partnership development.

Special Considerations

  1. Aid with hiring and developing top management team.
  2. A succession plan was enacted in one of their most aggressive growth periods without a loss of continuity or expansion.

Chief Executive Officer, Ken Higgins, enlisted Dr. Kulkin and the IML™ team to aid in turning a family enterprise into what is now one of the largest contracting companies in southeast Tennessee. In the late 1980s, Santek was in a position to privatize a government-run facility, but realized that its corporate development efforts were stymied. Higgins found it difficult to differentiate Santek from its competitors. Dr. Kulkin was enlisted to work hands-on with Ken Higgins and together implemented a plan to create an engineering company, restructure corporate headquarters, and allow Higgins to surround himself with a team of professionals.

"For so many years, I shot from the hip," Higgins says. "I was the keeper of all the knowledge - from operations to corporate development. It was a heavy weight to bear, and it was painful to think about yielding control to others. But I finally realized, that with the services of Dr. Kulkin and his team, I'd surrounded myself with competent people, and it was time to let them take Santek to the next level." By 1995, Santek was "on the map," securing the largest privatization contract in the history of Wake County, North Carolina. By 1998, Santek became the manager of the largest publicly owned landfill in the Tarheel state.

Santek experienced double digit growth each of the last ten years. Santek is currently embarking on an aggressive expansion program and is again using IML™ to expand their sales team and maximize team synergy.

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