Camille Molina
Personality Style at Home/Socially: IS
Personality Style at Work: SI
Title: Account Manager
What I do at PeopleKeys:
I work personally with many of our accounts to make sure everything is in order and to keep our clientele happy. Some of my general office tasks include taking orders, troubleshooting within accounts, answering questions, greeting office visitors, invoicing, shipping, and placing orders for supplies and inventory.
How does my personality fit my position: 
As an SI, I truly care about whether people have received good service and want customers to have a positive experience with PeopleKeys. I enjoy working with people, both co-workers and customers, whether on the phone or in person. Although I profile as an SI at work, I know that my C must come above the midline when it’s time to place orders and do invoices, it’s very detail-oriented work.
What personality do I admire and why:
I admire the D-style. Oftentimes I wish that I could make quick decisions like that and stand behind it with confidence. I oftentimes want to be more demanding, but hold back because I also want to be friendly and don’t want to be perceived as bossy. Somehow D’s pull it off.

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