In the real estate industry, DISC is a powerful sales tool. DISC allows real estate agents and brokers to be strategic in their interactions with clients. How do agents know when to push for a sale, and when to back away? How are clients motivated? How can agents build trust and close the deal? PeopleKeys PerfectMatch for Real Estate can help real estate agents answer all these questions and more.

Using the simple body language analysis techniques outlined in our previous blog post, it becomes possible to identify the dominant personality and behavioral traits of a client just moments into the first meeting. Once an agent has identified a client’s DISC personality type, the agent can adapt his or her natural selling style in the following ways:
When working with a D, remember that results are what matter most to this client. The high D prefers to act quickly and decisively, and will want an agent who is able to move forward with requests as quickly as possible. The high D will be demanding, and will expect a real estate agent to be available to them immediately. Don’t keep a D waiting, and don’t ramble. The high D doesn’t like to waste time. In dealings with a D, agents should be confident, optimistic, and quick to act.

The high I will want to build a friendly relationship with an agent. A high I will work with an agent that he or she instinctively likes. Agents working with high I clients should present themselves as friendly, outgoing, and creative. When dealing with an I, agents should try to make meetings pleasant and conversational, and should be careful not to present too many overwhelming details.

Don’t push the S. They are resistant to change, and real estate transactions can be a big stressor for the S. The high S will look for an agent that is loyal, trustworthy, and agreeable. An S will appreciate an agent that is able to clearly define each individual’s goals, responsibilities, and roles throughout the process.  When working with an S, agents should be careful not to be too pushy, confrontational, or aggressive.

The C appreciates a real estate agent that is organized, prepared, and detail-oriented. They don’t need an agent to spend time with chit-chat;  a C won’t be charmed into action. A C will be motivated to act when the agent provides enough data for an informed choice. The C will tend to ask a lot of questions throughout the transaction, so an agent that works with a C should be well-prepared, well-informed, and willing to give through explanations.

Understanding a client’s personality allows real estate agents to create productive and beneficial relationships. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Using DISC in a real estate setting will allow an agent to:

  • Understand their own natural selling style
  • Create open lines of communication with clients
  • Motivate and influence others
  • Discover how a customer thinks
  • Establish rapport
  • Build trust
  • Motivate
  • Close the deal

To learn all this and more, add Peoplekeys Perfect Match for Real Estate to your sales toolbox. It could make the difference between closing the deal, and closing the door.


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