someone watching a DISC webinarOn Friday, June 14, DISC will be hosting the latest installment of the popular DISC for the Real World webinar series, this time focusing on the topic of Behavioral Selling. Behavioral Selling is something that can make a huge impact on an individual’s sales performance, as well as the bottom line of an entire business.

Not only is this a fantastic and intriguing topic, but it’s also free to attendees. Registration costs $49, however, that money that gets applied towards a product credit at the completion of the webinar. Other bonuses are included for attendees, such as a custom branded online assessment account set up preloaded with $50 worth of assessments.

So what does behavioral selling really mean, and how can it be applied in the real world? Behavioral selling is about recognizing your own instinctive sales style, as well as the unique buying style of each customer or client you work with.

Once you understand both halves of this equation, you can adjust your style accordingly to meet the customer’s needs, gaining greater influence, improving communication, building relationships, and at the end of the day, making more sales and closing more deals.

Let’s take a quick look at the DISC personality styles and what they mean for sales:

  • D‘s stick the point and move quickly, informing customers with facts, and the most important features and bullet points to hit on. As buyers, they want to move quickly and decisively, and work with a confident salesman who doesn’t waste their time.
  • I‘s like to build relationships with customers and get to know them, making chit chat and then turning that back around to relate it to the individual and add in the sell at the end. As buyers, I’s also look to build a rapport, and will want to work with a friendly and outgoing individual.
  • S‘s are focused on feelings, and how the product or service will relieve or impart a feeling in their customers. As buyers, S’s don’t want to be pushed, and they want to work with somebody they can trust.
  • C‘s want to make sure the customer fully understands each benefit and feature of a product or service, with the exact figures, specifications, statistics and more. As buyers, C personalities appreciate organization, attention to detail and preparation. They are ready to act once they are well-informed.

Throughout the rest of the year, the DISC for the Real World webinar series will continue with one webinar per month. Future sessions deal with topics such as stress management, conflict resolution, unlocking student potential, leadership development, team building, and more.

Don’t miss out on your chance to take part in this exclusive DISC for the Real World webinar on Behavioral Selling. Registration is available all the way through the day of the event, and with a free price of admission after the product credit, there’s no reason not to attend.


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