Disc I Personality Types in Relationships

In our ongoing Dating with DISC series, we examine how two different personality types can work together to improve communication and the overall happiness of their relationship with one another. What many people are surprised to learn is that even when each half of the couple shares the same core personality, it’s just as crucial to learn how to successfully navigate the often tricky waters of relationship interactions.
In this latest offering, we’ll examine how two ‘I’ personalities can easily improve the dynamics of their relationship and enjoy a more loving and successful pairing.

First, let’s take a closer look at what the ‘I’, or Influential, personality is really like:

  • They are people-oriented, and are enthusiastic, optimistic and talkative.
  • They desire acceptance and approval, and are motivated by them as well, and they fear the opposite of that, rejection and criticism.
  • I personalities may be great at encouraging and motivating others and keeping things light, but may not be great with detail, organization, or listening.

Due to their outgoing, people-oriented nature, two I personalities in a relationship are going to have a great time. At the beginning, these two will be active, spontaneous, and adventurous together, seeking out fun experiences, and likely creating a party everywhere they go. They will have a very active social life and will laugh and smile often together.  As things get more serious is when problems may occur. Since the DISC theory of personalities states that I personalities may not be great at listening and have poor organizational skills, there is a potential for conflict.

Knowing that, how can an I & I relationship be successful?

Based on the information above, we know that ‘I’ personality types are talkative, but may not be great listeners, instead tending to wait for their own turn to speak once again. This therefore becomes a common problem between two I’s, who can clash here. They will need to learn how to take turns speaking and sharing with one another, while improving their active listening skills.
It’s important to listen sincerely to each person when they are talking. Additionally, as ‘I’ personalities desire acceptance and approval, it’s important that in an I & I relationship, each person is friendly and complimentary towards the other, and acknowledges their accomplishments.
As ‘I’ personality types are not great at organization or detail-oriented tasks, it can be hard in an I & I relationship to keep track of more of the mundane chores or to-do’s in their shared life together. It will therefore be important to make tasks fun, to write out lists in advance so nothing is forgotten, and perhaps to incorporate one another for support and encouragement.
Finally, it’s important to learn how to manage conflict the right way. ‘I’ personality types fear criticism and rejection, and therefore arguments or serious discussions can easily go down the wrong path, with one or both people having their feelings hurt and reacting sensitively. Therefore, it’s important to show restraint and not to be overly judgmental and harsh, and to discuss an issue with your partner the way that you would want to be talked to, knowing how you as well do not enjoy criticism or judgments.
Sometimes when two people are the most similar is when there is the most conflict with communication and lifestyle. Hopefully though, these hints and tips, will help your I & I relationship be as successful and smooth sailing as possible.


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