Improve Your Marketing Campaigns by Understanding the DISC Personality TypesThere are 4 different DISC personality types.

The DISC Personality Test can be used in a variety of different ways, from employers choosing the perfect job candidate, to students planning for future careers and much more. You may not have known though that DISC also can work wonders for marketing and advertising campaigns. In fact, you can create entire promotions geared towards different DISC personality types, in order to more effectively entice those individuals to buy your product, hire you for a job, or anything else.

In order to get started with this, you’ll need to know what each of the main DISC personality types look for during the shopping and buying process. From there, you can easily tailor messages to produce superior results.

“D”, or Dominant, personalities, look for several things:

  • They want you to get to the point quickly, keep it short and simple, with easy to read formats
  • Bullet points with big-picture advantages and features
  • Showcase specifics such as 20% savings today, or how a product can help them to achieve a goal or gain prestige

I, or Influencer, personalities, believe that a picture, or a video, or any kind of multimedia is worth 1,000 words. Capture their attention and draw them in, and show them images of people enjoying themselves and the product. Showcase how the product is fun, brings people together, is a cool product to have, and so forth.

S, or Steady, personalities want to know how a product can help them feel comfortable or positive, or how it offers safety or security to them and their family. A new cell phone plan can be marketed not as much by price, but rather how it can help you stay in touch with long distance friends and family and maintain close relationships.

C, or Compliant, personalities want to ensure that they have enough information to make a truly informed decision. It’s not enough to see a video of a car driving down the streets and turning heads, or see the quick bullet points about big-picture benefits.

They want to know all of the details, that your coffee maker costs half as much and brews a pot in half the time. That you offer a complete five year warranty for replacement, and that it’s available in three different colors. That it brews up to eight cups at a time, and can be programmed for different times and auto shut-offs. That it’s dishwasher safe, and it’s filter only needs to be replaced once every six months. They want to see consumer reports, studies, statistics and reviews, and they only need to think about the product itself.

While you can tailor campaigns to one personality type, it’s actually most effective to give something for everyone all at once. That means showing D personalities the easy to sort through, major benefits; fun and attention-grabbing images for I personalities; ways to feel positive individually or promote family and close relationships for S personalities; and enough clarity and detail to convince the C personalities.

When your next marketing campaign can target these different personality types, you’ll have more success converting people who see your materials into future customers and clients.

Learn more about DISC Personality Types by watching this video.


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