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Body Language
and Personality Style

Learn Five Areas of Observation That Can Help You to Identify One’s DISC Style When a Personality Test is Not Available

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Understanding one’s personality style gives you great insight into how to communicate with them. This can apply to friendly conversation, confrontation or conflict resolution, counseling, business negotiation or sales, and more.  Sometimes we have the opportunity to have others take a DISC Personality Test before we communicate with them, giving us a comprehensive view of their personality style and predictable behaviors. However, what if there is not time or opportunity for a DISC Assessment?

If you can determine from one’s mannerisms, body language, and basic conversation what their style is, you will already have great insight into how to approach them and speak their language.  ere are 5 telltale indicators of personality style that you can apply in these moments.

Observation #2 
Observe the speed at which they move.

Do they walk quickly or make fast or large gestures with their hands? Do they walk slowly and make minimal gestures?

A faster mover and big gesturer will likely be
a D or an I-style.
A slower mover will likely be an S or a C.

Observation #4 
Observe whether or not they are decisive
or quick to act.

Are they quick to make a decision, slow to make a decision, or looking for the opinions of others?

One who is quick to make a decision or take action will likely be a D-style.

One who is less focused on the decision and more focused on the people around them is likely an I-style.

One who is concerned with group consensus or involving others in the decision is likely an S-style.

A slow decider, who wants to think it through and examine the details first, is likely a C-style.

Observation http://www.peoplekeys.com/2012/04/11/march-newsletter-landing-page/



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