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December DISC Insight
Have you ever thought, “What would be Santa Claus’s personality style?”

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Could Santa Claus be a D Personality Style?
Dominant/ Decisive (Active Style, Task Oriented)
Direct, will fight for their point of view or opinion
Can make tough decision, but might not gather all needed information first
Moves very quickly, wants to see results, is a big picture thinker/ not focused on details
Fears being taken advantage of by others/ Craves Recognition and Awards
YES: If Santa were a D, he’d have to be upper management, with teams of elves determining who is naughty and nice and taking care of the details. He could set deadlines and make big decisions, but wouldn’t want to do the detail work himself. If Santa were a D and didn’t have an excellent support team, he would struggle with the preparation, as D’s have little patience for tedious or repetitive tasks of which Santa has plenty. However, the D-style’s determination would explain how Santa accomplishes such a huge task…a whole years work done in one evening.
NO: Although drive is required to get such a big job done, as well as leadership skills and decision-making ability, if Santa did not get to play a management role, he would be overwhelmed with the details. Santa would have to go through all those letters, determine who is naughty and who is nice, and then pick what present each would receive. A D-style might determine the entire list is naughty or the entire list is nice, the other way would just be too tedious.

Could Santa Claus be an I Personality Style?
Influential/ Outgoing (Active Style, People-Oriented)
Talkative, Loves being with People, Center of Attention
Struggles with Attention to detail, Organization, Time-Management
Excels best when the task is fun, they’re working in a team
Fear of Rejection from others/ Craves Approval from Others
YES: Santa is a cheerful, jovial character, who surrounds himself with helpers and co-workers and is adored by the children of the world. This level of attention would make an I-style very happy. Ho, Ho, Ho!
NO: Being surrounded by people all of the time, Santa would be talking and creating a fun atmosphere, however neither he nor his helpers would be able to get much done. Organization and time management are not strong suits for the I-style and Santa would have to be quite efficient in this area to accomplish such a feat in one evening. Plus, if any children didn’t like their gifts or decided they no longer believed in him, he might have to face his biggest fear…rejection.

Could Santa Claus be an S Personality Style?
Steady/Stable (Passive Style, People-Oriented)
Enjoys stability, secure situations, positive and peaceful environments
Focuses on personal relationships, enjoys people but is most comfortable in small groups where trust and comfort has been established
Non-confrontational, will avoid conflict or suppress their own needs in order to keep the peace and maintain positive personal relationships and environments
Fear of Sudden Change and Instability/ Craves Stability and Safety
YES: This is easy to picture, as Santa always appears to be easygoing, with a solid relationship with Mrs. Claus, and a consistent routine year after year. S-styles are typically great at multi-tasking and can follow tasks through to the end, collaborate well with others, and can most likely focus on details. He wants to make all the children happy!
NO: Depending on how much leadership Santa would need to show, the S-style may struggle in leadership roles. They want all of their relationships to be positive, therefore may have trouble making tough decisions or having to cause any ripples. As the S-style genuinely cares about others’ feelings, every child would end up on the nice list, and to make sure that everyone had a happy Christmas morning, he’d take the time to eat every single cookie and drink every glass of milk left for him… he might end up with quite the belly ache.

Could Santa Claus be a C Personality Style?
Conscientious/ Compliant (Passive Style, Task-Oriented)
Pays attention to detail, organized, perfectionist
Slow to make decisions, needs to gather information and think it through first
Non-confrontational, will avoid conflict or suppress their own needs in order to keep the peace and maintain positive personal relationships and environments
Fear of Criticism / Craves Recognition for a Job Well Done
YES: We can only imagine how much preparation must go towards planning a complex operation like this. Think about it… he’s got to sort through all those letters to Santa and wish lists, figure out who is naughty and who is nice, map out a very intricate and efficient travel route, and manage his time so as to hit every single house. He makes his list and checks it twice.
NO: A high C-style is usually a slow mover, taking a long time to make decisions and gather information, and could struggle in leadership positions where they need to make hard decisions. Imagine Santa trying to decide who is naughty and nice. With his attention to detail and slow decision-making, this could be quite an ordeal. It might not be completed by the time Christmas rolled around, and even if so, with the C’s need for correctness and looking at some of the actions of children, a lot of them might end up with coal in their stockings.

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