Happy Administrative Professional’s Week!



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We’d like to show our appreciation to all of the administrative professionals out there. THANK YOU for all you do!

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April’s DISC Insight:


On April 25th, Administrative Professional’s Day, we thought it only appropriate to talk about support. “Support” is defined as holding up, serving as a foundation, sustaining, and maintaining. The support people of the world are the ones maintaining and sustaining a lot of the systems and the relationships. This can be applied to the support staff of a company or the family member who holds the group together, creating a strong foundation.  Of course it’s the visionaries and the charmers who shine in the public eye or who stand out in a group most often, but today it is the diligent, reliable, and patient supporters who we recognize for all that they do.
In terms of DISC, the recognition often goes to the D and I personality styles.  These are the active styles; they make bold moves and draw the attention of others.  The D speaks with confidence, and the I speaks with charm.  But for a moment, imagine a world containing only D and I personality styles… it might just fall apart. The D styles would focus on ideas and big picture solutions, but have little patience for detail or repetition or coordination. The I styles would be making connections, enjoying life, and working creatively, but also have little patience for detail or repetition or coordination. Patience is a key word here.  The active styles are movers, but not necessarily doers.

The S Style has an amazing talent for being stable, patient, selfless, relational, and creating peaceful environments and relationships.  They thrive with consensus, therefore they work best as a team, and can work steadily or alone until a task is accomplished.  The S style makes up most of the population and has a tendency toward careers that involve helping others. This can be on a personal level, an academic level, an administrative level, a customer service level, or other.

The C style has an amazing talent for being creative with their solutions, being conscientious and focused, and seeing into the patterns and details the rest of us don’t notice.  The D and C are both task people, but while the D may envision where we need to go, the C can figure out the path to get there.  They are consistent, and steady, and will see something through until it is done.

So, while we recognize the Ds for their ability to lead and envision big picture solutions, and we recognize the I for lighting up the room, making us feel comfortable out in the world, and making us smile, we want to shine a big light on the S and C styles that make it all happen.  You can’t spell the word SUCCESS without a lot of S’s and C’s.

Thank you Administrative Professionals for being the strong foundation!  Thank you for creating, maintaining, and sustaining the systems. Thank you for accomplishing the things that would drive some people mad!  We appreciate you!

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