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New Year’s Resolutions…They are so easy to make and so difficult to keep.Year after year, we set our goals in December and by February many of us have already given up.  This year can be different by understanding your personality style and keeping your fitness resolution in 2012.

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Here is your DISC insight for January:

By understanding our primary DISC style, we can understand our predictable behaviors, what motivates us, and what things will divert us from our ultimate goals.  Below is a general breakdown of each style and a couple of tips as they apply to fitness and motivation. Try our fitness report for a full analysis of your personality style and tips for designing a fitness plan that will keep you motivated.

D-style personalities are goal, task, and results-oriented.  They are driven and competitive and often prefer to work alone.  So how does this apply to motivation and fitness?

  • Design a fitness plan with stages, milestones, and goals along the way.  As you accomplish these smaller goals and see results in stages, you’ll build motivation for the next steps of your plan.
  • You’ll especially enjoy exercise if you can compete with others or against yourself, envision the end result, feel a surge of adrenaline, and even win at something.

I-style personalities are people-oriented and prefer to work with others.  They want tasks to be fun and engaging, but may have a difficult time focusing on anything tedious, repetitive, or perceived as “not fun”.  So how does this apply to motivation and fitness?

  • Focus on incorporating fun into exercise.  If you love music, try to incorporate music.  If you like to dance, look into dance-exercise plans or classes.  If you enjoy the outdoors, make sure you exercise outside.
  • Since you’re such a people person, it’s important that you exercise either with friends or join a class so there is still interaction.  It also helps for someone else to hold you accountable.

S-style personalities are people-oriented, but in a more relational way than the I-style.  They often prefer to work with others, but would prefer someone close to them with whom they’re already comfortable.  Routine, safety, and security are very important. They’re very patient, good at multi-tasking and can work at a slow and steady pace until something is done.  So how does this apply to motivation and fitness?

  • Create a routine in your exercise plan.  Try the same day of the week, time of day, order, and place of exercise.
  • See if a good friend will work out with you.  You’ll enjoy the companionship and someone to hold you accountable to the task and goal at hand.

C-style personalities are task-oriented and prefer to work alone. They have a strong attention for detail and are able to engage in deep focus.  Precision and doing things correctly are very important.  So how does this apply to motivation and fitness?

  • Information is very important.  Try getting a personal trainer or doing research, so that you understand how the exercises affect the muscles and why you’re doing it.
  • Ultimately, you’ll want to work alone and at your own pace, focusing on precision and form.



Survey Results from December’s Newsletter

What Would Be Santa Claus’s Personality Style?

  • D = 16%
  • I  =  36%
  • S  =  30%
  • C  =  13%

According to your answers, Santa Claus is primarily an I-style and secondarily an S-style.

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