How do different DISC personality types approach holiday shopping?
DISC personality testing can be used for a seemingly endless number of applications. DISC can be a powerful tool for personal growth, employee testing, sales training, leadership training, and can even be used as a vetting tool during the hiring process. But this is really just the tip of the iceberg. Once you have a working knowledge of the different types of DISC personalities, it becomes easy to predict how people will behave in almost any situation. Take shopping as an example. With the holidays fast approaching, many of us turn our minds towards buying gifts for friends and loved ones. Some of us have all of the shopping finished by December 1, while others wait until the last minute to scoop up their gifts. Everyone has a different method that they’re most comfortable with. This leads to the question: How can DISC personality analysis be used to predict how the people in your life will approach holiday shopping? 
D-Style Personalities: 

People that score a high D on a DISC personality test are confident, straightforward, and able to make quick decisions. D personality types also tend to be impatient and not overly sentimental. When it comes to shopping, these traits can be both positive and negative.

  • A D-style doesn’t place a great deal of importance on giving or receiving presents. If a D could find someone else to do the shopping for them (a spouse, a sibling), that would be ideal.
  • When a D-style does shop for presents, the process won’t take long. A D-style is very unlikely to spend all day at the mall looking for the perfect gift. A D-style is decisive, and will buy the first appropriate gift they find.
  • A D-style doesn’t feel compelled to bargain shop. They’d rather get the gifts purchased quickly than invest time and effort in saving a few dollars.
  • A D-style is efficient, and would prefer to shop online, directly from a wish list if possible.

I-Style Personalities:

For an I-style, the gift-giving process is very different from that of a D-style. An I is people-oriented and outgoing, and is likely to look forward to the gift-buying process much more than the D (who just wants to get it over with). Although an I-style is notoriously prone to procrastination, they are also eager to please, and want the gifts they give and receive to be personal and thoughtful.

  • An I personality is likely to spend a lot of time looking for the perfect gift for everyone on the list. Gifts from an I tend to be fun, funny, or lighthearted.
  • An I-style loves to shop with other people, and prefers to go holiday shopping with a group of friends.
  • An I-style enjoys giving thoughtful presents, but tends to procrastinate. This makes them the personality type most likely to be out last-minute shopping.
  • While out shopping for presents, an I-style might not be able to resist picking up a few gifts for him or herself too.

S-Style Personalities:

An S is family-oriented and loyal. They don’t like change or confrontation, and place high value on personal relationships. An S personality is typically a very thoughtful gift-giver. Tradition is important to an S, and gifts they give often have to do with home and family.

  • An S-style would avoid Black Friday shopping. Even though the bargains are tempting, the crowds are too chaotic and stressful for an S.
  • An S personality style is a good listener, and knows what everyone on the list wants without being told.
  • An S-style enjoys buying gifts for people, and has a keen eye for knowing what others would love.
  • An S personality isn’t impulsive, and will take the time to comparison shop for the best deal.

C-Style Personalities: 

A C personality style is detail-oriented, organized, and an advanced planner. A C-style has the act of gift-giving down to a science, and is the personality type most likely to have all the holiday shopping finished by the beginning of December.

  • A C-style enjoys gathering and organizing information, and likes to do research before buying a gift. A C will spend the time to check consumer ratings, compare like models, and choose the best product available.
  • A C personality keeps a detailed list to shop from, and doesn’t make many impulsive purchases.
  • A C-style plans ahead. A C often buys gifts throughout the year and stashes them away to avoid the holiday rush.
  • A C personality style is thorough and conscientious. They would never deliberately leave anyone off their shopping list or send a gift out late.

Do you see yourself here? Your friends and family? What other unconventional daily applications of DISC testing have you used?


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