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Last Chance to Register for Tomorrow’s Behavioral Selling Webinar!Webinar Series:  Real Applications for a Demanding Business World

Topic:  The Secrets of Behavioral Selling
$49 to reserve your spot.  However, with each webinar, you will receive a customized PeopleKey account and 2 DISC Assessments added to your account, making the webinar free! After the webinar, stick around to hear special offers only available to participants of this webinar.Webinars will be available on-demand afterwards, but you’ll have to sign up ahead of time to access it.Description: Learn about your own instinctual sales style and how to predict the needs of your clients based on their personality style. Learn to adapt your selling style to meet your clients needs, build rapport quickly, and close more deals! Consultants, this can be an added value to your sales and business clients. Don’t miss this specialized training opportunity.

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Webinars Available On-DemandHave you missed recent webinars?  If so, it’s not too late to catch up.Dynamic DISC Tools
Learn about useful tools for hiring, team building, and added value to consulting, all available through your PeopleKeys Online Assessment Portal.Webinar:  The Radar Graph (View Here)
Function:  Team Building and Group GraphingWebinar:  Occupational Keys (View Here)
Function:  Creating Benchmarks, Hiring, Consulting

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TEAMS & Values Online Training Course
To truly understand predictable behavior and personality style, it is helpful to get a 3-dimensional perspective of a person, including their internal motivators (Values) and how they process information and contribute to working with others (TEAMS). If you’ve been using the DISC, TEAMS, and Values Report, but have only received training in the DISC Personality System, don’t miss this opportunity to complete the TEAMS & Values Online Training Course.Perfect Match for Real EstateIn the world of real estate, it’s all about building rapport and closing the deal. Perfect Match for Real Estate gives you the tools you need both for selling with personality and customizing your sales style to meet the needs of the client, but also to hire new agents with a natural personality for sales.
  • Sales Style Reports
  • Customized Online Hiring/Assessment Portal Account
  • Real Estate Benchmarks for Hiring
  • Phone Consultation with a DISC Expert
  • Selling with Personality Online Training

Perfect Match for Sales & Customer Service 
When working in sales and customer service, the industry is all about people.  Understanding your own personality and communication style, along with predicting the styles of your clients, will help you to build rapport, close more deals, and better serve your customers and meet their needs.
  • Sales Style Reports
  • Customized Online Hiring/Assessment Portal Account
  • Sales & Customer Service Benchmarks for Hiring
  • Phone Consultation with a DISC Expert
  • Selling with Personality Online Training

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DISC Insight for November

Does DISC Theory Hold True in Political Campaigning?

Obviously in politics, many factors play into our voting decisions, based on the likeability of the candidate and our connection to them, the issues which we find personally important, and our preexisting party alignments and loyalties. But when discussing undecided voters on the news, it’s curious what makes some people sure of who they are voting for and others still up in the air right up to the election day. What factors are undecided voters basing their final decision on?  Do all of the political advertisements and phone calls actually influence the vote? Does your DISC personality type affect the way you vote or view the candidates?Perhaps it doesn’t influence exactly which candidate you would vote for, as there are so many issues to consider, but if you knew someone’s DISC personality type, you would know the best way to influence their vote. Think about how much more effective political calls and political campaigns would be if they were targeted to specific personality types.Campaigning to the D-Style Personality

  • Individuals with a D personality type most likely decided who they were going to vote for as soon as the candidates were announced. The D had an end result in mind, a vision for the future, and went with the candidate most likely to take immediate action to implement that vision. Once a D’s mind is made up, it’s very difficult to change it. Ads targeted to the D would have to be optimistic, and focused on strong leadership and action.

Campaigning to the I-Style Personality

  • An I may vote based on personality. In other words, if an I likes a candidate, that candidate is more likely to get their vote. Being very people-focused, an I might also vote based on social issues. Ads targeted to the I should be lighthearted, conversational, and personal. Ads filled with facts and data would have less impact.

Campaigning to the S-Style Personality

  • An S is likely to vote based on party loyalty. Like the D, once the mind of an S is made up, it’s very difficult to turn them around. However, since an S doesn’t like dramatic change, ads targeted to that personality type might be successful if focused on tradition, stability, and consensus. As the S is also very focused on their personal relationships, ads targeted towards the effects of a politicians policy on their family or loved ones may also have a stronger influence.

Campaigning to the C-Style Personality

  • A C is persuaded by facts and numbers. This group is the most likely to do extensive research on a candidate, and will vote based on data. It’s nearly impossible to charm a C into voting a certain way. Personality doesn’t matter to a C as much as what the candidate is saying, the issues the candidates stand for, and the candidate’s past history. Ads targeted to the C should be factual, and should provide as much tangible information as possible.

Of course, if you have multiple high points on your chart, then you’d vote based on a combination of characteristics. In any case, the election process can be a very stressful time filled with frustrations, anxiety, hope, and anger. As we turn the page to Thanksgiving, it’s helpful to think not of the things we won or lost. Instead, try to be thankful for the things we have that bring us joy and contentment.

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  • Customized DISC Assessment Microsite for Promotion and Lead Generation
  • DISC Subscription Model for Churches
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  • Spanish – DISC Training Level 1 – Introduction to Behavioral Analysis Online

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October Survey Results

What superhero or villain best represents a high D personality style? Why?

The Hulk (90% answered)

  • Single-minded and not aware of anything but his target (RS)
  • All about getting things done by smashing his foes (ET)

What superhero or villain best represents a high I personality style? Why?

Iron Man (50% answered)

  • He wanted everyone to know who he was, never said no to a party, and wanted his armor to look as good as it worked (JS)

The Human Torch (15%)

  • He’s very persuasive and upbeat and thinks he can do anything, no matter how impossible. Life of the party (ET)

What superhero or villain best represents a high S personality style? Why?

Super Man (85%)

  • He’s such an S that he has one painted on his chest. Never done anything for himself, looks out for others and is loyal to his beliefs. (RS)

Captain America (10%)

  • Willing to do whatever it takes within the team culture to get it done. (ET)

What superhero or villain best represents a high C personality style? Why?

Batman (45%)

  • He’s rarely surprised by anything. Figures out the weaknesses of his enemy by observation and analysis. (JS)

Iron Man (15%)

  • You have to be a C to invent and perfect like he does. He has all the computer screens set up so he can work exactly like he wants to. (ET)



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