When it comes to love are you confident and take-charge? Playful and lighthearted? Loyal and steadfast? Cautious and controlled? Everyone has different ways of approaching their romantic relationships, much of which is determined by their personality style. If you could take that style and project it on the screen, what romantic movie would you be?

If your personality style is D, you are: The Princess Bride

You are strong, confident, and capable. Like Wesley, the farmboy turned Dread Pirate Roberts, once you set a goal you’ll work tirelessly towards achieving it. From the moment he met Princess Buttercup, Wesley knew that she was the one for him. To win her, he would take on any challenge—Fire swamps, giant rats, cup-poisoning kidnappers, and an evil Prince with a 6-fingered henchman.  None of it phased Wesley. His confidence never wavered, and he never hesitated in his quest. Self-doubt? Fear? No way. He may be a man of few words, but he knew that taking decisive action was the best way win to his beloved’s heart.

Alternates: Bull Durham, The Bodyguard, Casablanca, Mr. and Mrs. Smith

If your personality style is I, you are: The Wedding Singer

You are charming, funny, and a little crazy. Like Robbie and Julia from the movie, your ideal relationship is playful and friendly—You flirt through jokes and banter. Though you typically relate to others through humor, behind it is genuine heart. When it comes to love, you’re not afraid to make a spectacle of yourself, and will stand up and proclaim your feelings in front of anyone who will listen. Grand romantic gestures are your specialty. When you turn on the charm, no one can resist you.

Alternates: There’s Something About Mary, Wedding Crashers, Groundhog Day

If your personality style is S, you are: The Notebook

When you love someone, it’s forever. You are a devoted and faithful partner, and will stand by the person you love through thick and thin. Like The Notebook, sometimes you can get a little cheesy and sentimental, but that’s what makes you a true romantic. You are a believer in true love, and never hesitate to put your partner’s needs above your own.

Alternatives: When Harry Met Sally, An Affair to Remember, 50 First Dates

If your personality style is C, you are: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

You take a cerebral approach to relationships. When it comes to love and romance, it’s hard for you to let go and lose control. You can overthink things, and let caution get in the way of your feelings. Like Joel in Eternal Sunshine, you tend to be guarded. You love deeply, but have a hard time expressing it in a romantic way. You are deeply hurt by rejection, and counter that by refusing to jump into relationships quickly. In the end, though, you agree with the message of the movie— love is worth the risk, even when it hurts.

Alternatives: Midnight in Paris, Before Sunrise, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Heathers


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