What are you most looking forward to the most about Super Bowl Sunday?

Personality Types with a High D: THE COMPETITION

Determined, demanding, and driven, people with type D personalities are naturally competitive. They expect the best from themselves and the people around them, and hate to lose. Makes sense, then, that D’s would love the competitive aspect of football. Even if they haven’t been fans of either Denver or Seattle all season long, they’re definitely going to pick a favorite to root for going in to the Super Bowl. Once they do, it not just a team. It’s their team. And if a person with a D personality knows someone that isn’t cheering for the same team they are, they tend to make it personal, turning the difference of opinion into a good-natured & spirited rivalry. People with a D personality can’t help but get invested in the game, and care a great deal about the outcome. It’s fun for them—Winning is, after all, one of their favorite things.


Outgoing and energetic, a person with an I personality loves a good party. Their idea of a perfect Super Bowl Sunday involves getting together with friends to watch the Big Game in a big group. The bigger the crowd, the better. It’s the social aspect of the Super Bowl that’s the most fun for them.

But even if an I doesn’t have a party to go to, they still have another reason to watch the game—The commercials. Over half of people who watch the Super Bowl say they look forward to the commercials more than the game itself—That group of people most likely contains a huge number of I’s. I’s are creative, have a great sense of humor, and love something different. For that reason, the commercials during the game are really fun for them to watch. They’re hilarious, irreverent, diverse, and interesting—Even the really sentimental commercials are different from anything they’ve seen before. (A nice change from the game itself, which I’s can sometimes find to be a bit overly-long and repetitive.) At the very least, I personalities feel compelled to watch the commercials because they don’t want to be left out of what everyone’s going to be talking about the next day.

Personality Types with a High S: THE TRADITIONS

S personality types are stable, easygoing, and consistent. They love routine—Crave it, even—which typically means that they are looking forward to celebrating the Super Bowl this year the exact same way they did last year.  Most S personality types prefer to watch the Super Bowl with their family, and have turned watching the game together into fun family tradition. When it comes to the game itself, they very likely have a team they are rooting for (S personalities are extremely loyal). If their hometown team is in the game—Watch out! They’ll be the ones in the room cheering the loudest.

Not all S personalities look forward to the game itself, though. For some, it’s the traditions surrounding the game that they’re drawn to. And there’s one annual tradition outside of the game itself that S personalities tend to look forward to the most: The Puppy Bowl. They love it because it’s something the whole family can enjoy and… well just look at those little guys. Could they be any cuter?

Personality Types with a High C: CRUNCHING THE NUMBERS

Organized and controlled, Super Bowl Sunday is fun for C personality types that love to follow the projections, and like using statistics to calculating the projected winner. The type C football fan is the personality type most likely to have checked out Nate Silver’s  website or read articles predicting the winner.

But Super Bowl Sunday is great for C personality types that aren’t football fans, too. In this circumstance, the numbers are still what they love best about Super Bowl Sunday—In this case, though, it’s about the number of people out and about in the world. One of the things a C loves the best about game day is how completely deserted every non-sports-themed location in the world is. They can have the run of the grocery store, or have a movie theater all to themselves. It’s a great time for C personalities to go to places where they normally hate wading through crowds. It’s like being the last person on Earth for four hours. (Which, to a C, sometimes sounds pretty darn great.)

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