After last week’s blog, I got to thinking: Who needs those fictional super heroes, anyway. DISC personality types are their own heroes and super powers!

If you are a D, your super power is SPEED

People often complain that there’s not enough time in a day to accomplish everything they need to get done. Not you! With your super speed and focus, you run through your to-do list with lightning speed. Direct, bottom line-oriented you like to get to the point… fast. The faster the better, in fact.

Potential uses: Not only can you run circles around time-wasters, but you can also make a quick escape from dull, pointless conversations. With you super speed, you move swiftly between tasks and run circles around time-wasters.


If you’re an I, your super power is: SHAPE-SHIFTING

A quick-change artist, you love anything new and different. New ideas, new activities, new people… You can adapt to them all. Better still: Your love of change makes you a heck of a lot of fun to be around—People never know what to expect.

Possible uses: Presto-chango, and.. poof!  Your presence makes a dull party suddenly exciting.


If you’re an S, your super power is: TELEPATHY

Your ability to read minds makes you an empathetic listener and a supportive friend. With just one look you know what someone is feeling, and you always know what to say to make someone feel better. Like a sixth sense, your powers of telepathy help you know exactly where and when you’re needed most.

Possible uses: Without breaking a sweat, you can diffuse any conflict.


If you’re a C, your super power is: INVISIBILITY

Whenever you want to, with a snap of your fingers you can become invisible. You use your invisibility like a warm, fuzzy cloak, allowing you to retreat into your fortress of solitude to focus on more important tasks. Though many people might complain about being invisible, not you. You don’t need the attention. You know that quietness is a virtue, as it gives you time and space to formulate ideas, strategize, and analyze.

Possible uses: Slipping in and out of boring or unproductive meetings without being noticed.

What happens if the superpowers go wrong?

Darkness. Turn off the lights, and pull the plug of the computer, and they’ll be in a tailspin. Lost, unable to able to research. They’ll be forced to make decision based on feeling rather than information. And that will drive them *CRAZY.*

D: If things went wrong, you’d be RED SKULL

Too bossy.

Meglimanical, hell-bent on success whatever the cost, Red Skull is the head of multiople criminal organizations. Insanely competitive with Cap

I: If things went wrong, you’d be THE JOKER

Practical jokes tend to be on the evil side. Aren’t funny to anyone but the joker.

S: If things went wrong, you’d be MAGNETO

Unendingly loyal, but … too evil.


C: If things went wrong, you’d be BRANIAC


Overthink things much?


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