“12 years after high school and I’m still at the nerd table.”


Another example of a stable and steady S personality, Leonard shares many of Raj’s most admirable personality traits. There’s one key difference, though: Leonard’s secondary personality trait is a D, which makes Leonard more forceful and direct than the gentle, passive Raj.


Leonard is the center of their group of friends—Without him keeping everything together, you get the sense that everyone would very likely drift apart and go their separate ways. This is typical of an S, who is often the “glue” that keeps a group of friends bonded together. It’s easy to see why Leonard would be the center of the group, too. Of all of the four core guys on the show, Leonard is the most patient and accepting of his friends’ quirks and eccentricities, even when they drive him to exasperation.

Typical of an S, Leonard often avoids direct conflict, and therefore tends to internalize frustration and resentment until it overflows and explodes. This happens time and time again with both Sheldon and Penny. Leonard can tolerate a lot of demands from these two, but eventually he reaches a point where he moves into direct confrontation mode. Unlike Raj, he doesn’t crumble under the weight of a confrontation—Once he reaches the breaking point, he stands up instead of caving in. This is a strong indicator that Leonard’s secondary personality trait is likely a D.

The combination of strong S and D behavioral traits in Leonard makes him less predictable than fellow “S”, Raj. Leonard’s secondary D makes him more confident, determined, and independent than Raj, too. If you look closely, it’s easy to see the dual personality types of S and D at work in Leonard. Sometimes he is in in D mode – direct and results oriented (as seen when he puts his foot down with Sheldon’s shenanigans). At other times, he is in S mode – caring and accommodating (as seen by when he inevitably caves in to Sheldon’s shenanigans, in the interest of keeping the peace).The compassion of the S paired with the tenacity of the D makes Leonard fair, determined, confident, and loyal. 

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