DISC personalities can help you choose the right vacation

Not the adventurous type? Try choosing a vacation based on your DISC personality profile.

Understanding Your DISC Personality Style to Choose the Right Vacation!

Going on vacation is easy, right? Well, that’s not always the case. Whether you think something may be up your own alley but end up being wrong about it, or you try to get a spouse on board with an idea you’d love but he or she doesn’t, vacations can quickly go sour. When you have to bring an entire family along and get each person on board, things can get even trickier.

Luckily though, DISC is here to the rescue once again. By learning about your DISC personality style, you’ll also learn about your vacation style, and the trips that will make you and your loved ones really have a wonderful and unforgettable getaway.

Let’s take a look at each of the four main DISC personality types and see how the ideal trips that each would love are quite different from one to the next.

  • D Personality: D personalities want to be adventurous, get out and explore, and accomplish goals. Of course, a D personality also wants to be the one picking his or her own activities. They want to know there’s plenty to do, and they won’t get bored. They’ll go climb to the top of a mountain or try scuba diving for the first time, and keep on moving.
  • I Personality: I personalities don’t need to plan things out in advance. Just put them with a group and allow them to thrive in a fun, social situation, and they’ll be just fine. Renting a beach house for a week with a group of old friends will be all an I personality needs, and they’ll take the rest as it comes.
  • S Personality: S personalities thrive from family and quality time with the people closest to them. It’s about the experience, the positive emotions and connections, and the tradition more than anything else. Annual trips to a family owned timeshare or camping are wonderful ways for S’s to enjoy a vacation.
  • C Personality: C personalities may have a list of must-see places across the country and world that they want to visit, and if they do not they are happy to do lots of research to find those places. So any vacation with them should be a must-see, and once you’re there, you can be sure that a C personality will have a thorough itinerary, with everything planned and booked ahead of time. Educational trips and experiences, historical sites are also a plus.

Clearly, it’s easy to see how so many vacations end up falling flat, at least depending on who in the group or family you end up asking. By gaining this kind of insight in advance though, you and your family can make the best out of any trip by combining interests or allowing for side trips and personal activities or experiences along the way.

For example, mom might be an S, and love the annual camping trip. During the trip, dad, a D personality, can go and try to break his record for bass fishing, or climb the highest peak in the park. Let your teenage daughter, an I personality, bring along a friend to share the time with, and make sure that your C personality son carefully checks off all of the essentials that need to come on the trip, and then sets up the campsite accordingly, before looking for flowers, trees and animals to identify.

By combining DISC personalities with personal preferences and ideals, any vacation will surely be a success.


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