Tips for maintaining relationships with D Personalities and I Personalities

Dating with DISC: taking the DISC personality test can help D and I personalities maintain healthy relationships. Click to view a larger image.

Everyone is looking for an edge in the dating game, not only in meeting the right person but also in maintaining a happy, loving and successfulrelationship over the long haul, too. In our Dating with DISC series, we will be showcasing matches between different DISC personality types, along with the tips you need for success with such contrasting individuals.

Here, we’ll be showcasing a match between a male “D”, or Dominant personality, and a female “I”, or Influencer personality.

  • D personalities are task oriented. They’re active and quick thinking, and easily bored. They like being in control, they are confident, and they solve problems. D personalities fear being taken advantage of by others.
  • I personalities are people oriented. They’re also active, quick thinking and easily bored, and therefore share a series of similar traits with D personalities. They are enthusiastic, talkative and optimistic. I’s fear rejection above anything else.

So how can a D and an I personality begin playing to their strengths, instead of falling into the same old traps again? It’s all about remembering who the other person is, and making an effort to provide them with what they really need, and not simply what you would prefer on your own.

For example, the D personality needs to remember that I’s are talkative and enthusiastic. They should listen to their ideas, and provide verbal compliments and feedback. Conversely, I’s need to remember that D’s focus more on tasks and solving problems. Therefore, they should strive to make communication more concise and tangible.

The D personality should also aim to be friendly and non-confrontational. While they may tend to use strong or direct language and body language, they need to be aware of the fact that I’s are sensitive to this. On the other hand, I’s should remember D’s have a difficult time apologizing during conflict. Instead, being positive and encouraging will keep things smoother, while allowing D’s to plan and talk about goals and dreams.

When both people make such efforts, a happy medium can be easily reached.

Remember, you don’t need to fall into the same DISC personality type in order to be a great match for your partner. Instead, you need to learn how to complement one another, avoid common pitfalls, and play to each other’s strengths and preferences. By doing so, both partners in a relationship will be happier than ever.

In the above scenario, D and I personality types do indeed share similarities. But they’re also divergent in many ways. However, with the right tips and know-how, the relationship will be more successful than ever, with improved communication, increased understanding of one another, less fighting and greater overall happiness.


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