With the start of a new year, many churches and ministries find themselves searching for innovative ways to address the needs  of their congregations.  As a result, an increasing number of religious organizations are turning to MinistryKeys customizable solutions from PeopleKeys to help them thrive in 2013.

MinistryKeys is a subscription-based service that uses advanced technology and DISC theories of human behavior to address a host of contemporary problems facing the church. Clients can contract with MinistryKeys on a monthly or yearly basis. In return, clients will receive unlimited access to cost-effective, easily-implementable solutions for:

  •  Managing an overstressed and overburdened staff
  • Growing the congregation
  • Retaining existing members
  • Resolving conflict
  • Fostering improved communication
  • Placing staff and volunteers to most effectively use their strengths

Specific products offered by the MinistryKeys subscription service include unlimited:

  • Biblical DISC Reports, designed to provide insight into an individual’s personality and behavior from a Biblical perspective



  • Background checks, which give instant access to criminal records in all 50 states (including searches of the sex offender registry)


  • Benchmarks for church positions, which assist in the hiring and placement of staff and volunteers


  • Advanced training in DISC behavioral analysis, offered at a substantial discount


Whether ministries are dealing with an issue tied to the congregation, staff, volunteers, or community, MinistryKeys can help address those problems in the most productive way possible.

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MinistryKeys: helping the people in your organization



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