How do you spot a disengaged employee? Unhappy employees criticize without offering constructive solutions, don’t pull their weight on team projects, have a consistently negative attitude in the workplace, and just seem to be getting by doing the bare minimum required of them.

Employee Engagement Infographic

Do disengaged employees have a negative impact on businesses? Consider the following:

  • In a recent survey, only 17% of disengaged employees felt they had a good understanding of how to meet the needs of their customers.


  • The same survey revealed that only 13% of disengaged employees routinely recommend the products and services of their company.


  • Only 3% of non-engaged employees would consider themselves active advocates for their employer.


  • Additionally, a recent Gallup study concluded that the US economy loses over $370 billion annually due to disengaged employees.

90% of business leaders believe that employee engagement has a direct and significant impact on a company’s success. Why is it, then, that over 75% of businesses have no tangible plan to help boost employee engagement? Employees that are engaged, motivated, and focused can be a company’s most valuable asset. When employees are engaged, they are happier, more efficient, and creative. They are innovative, enthusiastic, and energetic. They feel that their contributions are valued and respected, and as a result are more productive, loyal, and committed.

DISC assessments can be a great resource for companies looking to increase employee engagement. Through DISC, employees can learn how to communicate more effectively, how to capitalize on their own innate strengths, how to work more efficiently on teams, and learn how to find internal motivation.  DISC tests and DISC training can be powerful tools to help remove many of the problems that can lead to disengagement, and can be used to show employees how to make positive changes that will ultimately positively impact the company’s bottom line.

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