Christian life coaching is a popular new profession: What should potential life coaches know before entering the field?

Over the last five years, the field of Christian life coaching has grown into a billion dollar industry. To meet the increasing demand for Christian coaching services, a record number of people are entering the profession. Before starting a coaching practice, there are three things that potential coaches need to know:
1) Coaching success depends on a strong educational foundation
Coaching requires more than just a desire to help people become successful in life. Life coaches require training. The best Christian life coach training packages offer more than just coaching tutorials. Look for a program which features such live support and continuing education opportunities.  Choose a company with an established reputation that goes beyond secular training and offers instruction from a specifically Christian perspective.
2) Working with clients requires clearly-defined coaching strategies
Christian life coaches need to be able to enter into a coaching relationship confident that they know how to service clients no matter what the situation. Whether working with individuals, ministries, churches, businesses, or non-profits, coaches need a concrete set of strategies for identifying a client’s strengths, stressors, and challenges.  Seek training that provides a clear formula for success.
3) To attract clients, certification is essential
Certification credentials give clients confidence in the expertise of a life coach. Certification makes coaches more marketable, and attracts clients.
The PeopleKeys Certified Behavioral Life Coach (CBLC) training package accomplishes all of this and more. The CLBC course is designed to provide everything a Christian life coach needs to start a successful practice.

  • PeopleKeys has been a leader in the field for over 30 years. CBLC training is offered at an all-inclusive price of $995 and contains four course modules, three of which offer a distinctly Christian perspective.
  • PeopleKeys personalizes their training by providing access to a dedicated account manager, committed to providing individual support throughout the training process.
  • PeopleKeys provides ongoing education through free webinars.
  • The CBLC training package includes an overview of the strategies needed to start, grow, and market a successful coaching business.
  • Coaching instruction is based on time-tested theories of DISC personality analysis. DISC theory has been a trusted psychological assessment tool for over 75 years, and presents specific formulas coaches can use to explore the connection between personality and human behavior.
  • 35 DISC reports are included at no additional charge. These reports can be used to gather a personality snapshot of clients.
  • Upon completion of the PeopleKeys CBLC course, graduates receive full accreditation and certification.

Whether working within the context of the church or secular world, there are unlimited opportunities for the professional Christian life coach.  For more information about Certified Behavioral Life Coach training, click here.


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