As the leaves begin to fall, the seasons begin to turn, and back-to-school time gears into in full swing, now is the perfect time to highlight the applications and benefits of DISC Education Solutions.

The 5 most common problems students face are:

1)     Feeling overwhelmed and overworked (not able to effectively manage deadlines, not able to multi-task)

2)     Coming to class unprepared (not able to complete assignments)

3)     Feeling stressed out (tense and on edge from being pulled in too many directions)

4)     Lacking motivation (unable to make decisions, uninterested in engaging with teachers, classmates, or coursework)

5)     Lacking balance (parties or  social commitments overwhelm academic responsibilities)

DISC Education online help students cope with these problems by offering concrete suggestions for academic success. Personalized StudentKeys DISC reports can help students:

  • Become better communicators
  • Resolve and prevent classroom conflict
  • Find motivation
  • Learn how to deal with pressure
  • Take initiative
  • Set deadlines
  • Establish priorities
  • Recognize and overcome fears and limitations
  • Become more self-confident
  • Create the best possible individual learning environment
  • Develop better study habits and test-taking strategies
  • Choose a natural fit for a career path

Whether the student is in college, high school, or a homeschool environment, DISC Education solutions help students stay enthusiastic, optimistic, motivated, and focused from the first day of classes to the last.


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