Perfect Match Hiring for Business by Peoplekeys can help to reduce one of the major issues that businesses are now dealing with. Employee turnover has dramatically increased over the past few years, which has turned out to be a huge cost issue for many companies. “A lost employee can cost around $24,000+.” One of the biggest expenses companies take on in the face of employee turnover is the cost to retrain new employees.

There are some costs resulting from employee turnover that can’t be accurately measured in a monetary value. New employees are very likely to have little to no loyalty to their company. High loyalty comes from employees that have worked for their company for an extended period of time and have been treated well during that time. Not only does high turnover have a negative impact within the company but also on the public view of your company. Which in turn can derail business and affect the caliber of future applicants.

Low staffing levels are likely to occur during the turnaround period from old employees to new employees. This can lead to your business performing under normal standards, which can cause employee and customer dissatisfaction.

One of the most effective ways to decrease employee turnover is to make a bigger effort to make sure your hiring the right candidates in the first place. Perfect Match Hiring gives you the ability to send out “one click” links to potential candidates that will bring them straight to the assessment center. Candidates will be matched to a performance benchmark and ranked according to their individual assessment results, allowing you to quickly and easily pick the cream-of-the-crop. You’ll also get a hiring report that includes interview questions and detailed information about the candidate’s Communication, Behavior, Team Thinking Style and Workplace Values.

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