While it’s easy to see how the DISC Personality Test is useful for employers to improve workplace dynamics, morale and efficiency, and even in their hiring practices for new employees, not many people realize how great a tool it can be for job seekers. Right here, learn about how somebody looking for a new job can greatly benefit from taking the DISC Personality Test.

To begin with, a job seeker who takes the DISC Personality Test will learn about themselves. They will gain insight about their strengths, weaknesses and preferences which they may never have realized before.

Ever wondered why a job or situation which sounded great to you on paper, or looked great to you by the numbers, ended up disappointing in real life? Well, it could have been due to the nature of the work you were doing, the type of environment you were in, the communication you had with your bosses and coworkers, the amount or lack of control you were given, and much more.

This is what a DISC test can help you learn about. DISC analyzes personalities and provides an assessment for classifying people based on their traits, preferences, tendencies and more.

DISC personalities and career path

For example, somebody who was a “D” personality would be classified as Dominant, a combination of active and task-oriented. If that’s you, you don’t want to be micromanaged, you want leeway and you want to be able to be in control, produce tangible results, take on challenging tasks, and so forth. By learning about what truly motivates you, how you prefer to work, and what you prefer to do, you can find jobs which are better suited to your strengths.

Additionally, job seekers could even include their DISC assessment with a resume. They’ll be able to instantly show their potential employers a list of their strengths and capabilities, and how they would thrive in a particular type of environment or setting.

It gives that person making a hiring decision far greater insight about a candidate, and also will help that candidate stand out from the crowd as a result. On top of everything else, including a DISC report with a resume shows added initiative and desire, always a plus in any company. At the very least, the results can serve as useful talking points and sources of valuable strengths you can provide an organization as you’re being interviewed.

So while most people envision using DISC within the office, if you have been searching for work, then it’s time for you to consider utilizing DISC as well. You’ll gain greater insight about yourself, and you’ll have a great tool to aid your search and help separate you from the crowd as well.


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