Each Hiring Package Includes:

A PeopleKeys Account

This robust online delivery system allows one to add and organize assessments, email assessment invitations, view results in multiple forms for analysis and career compatibility, and store all completed assessments for future reference.10 PeopleKeys Hiring Reports
(Each Hiring Report includes the following assessments and analysis) DISC Assessment
Personality Style, Communication Style, Workplace Style, Strengths in Leadership, and Predictable Behaviors in the workplace and with human interaction
TEAMS Assessment
Thinking Style and what roles one would naturally gravitate towards in a group

Values Assessment
Internal Motivators and Workplace Values

Interview Questions
Each report includes specially generated interview questions based on the DISC Personality Style of the applicant in relation to the behavioral benchmark for the position

Resume Option
Each report includes the option for the applicant to copy and paste their resume directly into the report

Additional reports can be purchased if you wish to assess more than 10 final applicants.

Behavioral Benchmarks

We’ve assessed personality styles and occupations for over 30 years and have created ideal benchmarks for hundreds of positions. You may apply any of our benchmarks to your position and all prospective applicants will be assessed.  A benchmark is an ideal personality range that will result in a behavioral match between the applicant and the position’s personality requirements. Each benchmark includes a high and low range for the 4 DISC Personality Styles, the 5 TEAMS Thinking Styles, and the 4 Values Style Internal Motivators. An applicant falling exactly within the ideal range would be a green match.  Those slightly outside of the benchmark would be a yellow match and those completely outside of the benchmark would be red.

The actual benchmarks included in each hiring package are listed below.

This matching process is aimed at finding a person who will not only enjoy the position and excel at the required skill set, but also whose potential can be optimized as they have all of the needed qualities for this type of position. The benchmark is the final filtering process to make sure that the qualified applicant is also the perfect match for the job.

30-Minute Phone Consultation

Since not everyone is a behavioral expert, we are offering with each package an optional 30 minutes or less of phone consultation with one of our DISC experts. You can choose to use this session after narrowing down the applicants to make the final hire, to review your applicants individually, or to receive further training in this type of behavioral matching prior to reviewing the assessments. If you require further consultation, there will be an hourly charge. All phone consultations will be by appointment only. Please email us at info@discinsights.com to schedule your consultation.


Suggested Use of PeopleKeys Hiring Packages

Behavioral Filtering
After narrowing down the most qualified applicants for the position (education, experience, skillset and requirements) based on your own job posting, you would send them through the PeopleKeys Hiring System to filter for a behavioral match (Personality Style, Communication Style, Contribution to a Group, Thinking Style, Internal Motivators).
Final Step
After your final qualified applicants have taken the PeopleKeys Hiring Reports, you would apply the Behavioral Benchmark to see who are green, yellow, or red behavioral matches.
Interview with Confidence
After narrowing down your favorite applicants, move on to interviewing and hire with confidence.  Remember that your PeopleKeys Hiring Reports provide specially generated interview questions for each applicant based on their DISC Personality Style.

Have the applicants go through Comprehensive Background Checks.Schedule your 30-minute phone consultation with a DISC expert.
Hiring Packages and Included Benchmarks

If you are hiring for a position that is not listed below in one of the Perfect Match Hiring Packages, please contact sales@peoplekeys.com to inquire about the addition of your needed benchmark into your PeopleKeys account. If you are hiring for a rare or especially specific benchmark, a benchmarking study or manager’s survey may be needed, incurring an additional charge.
Administrative Assistant/ Secretary
Accounting/ Billing
HR Coordinator
Medical Client Services Coordinator
Nurse Manager
Nursing Assistant
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Healthcare Business Development
Healthcare Professional


Project Manager
Executive Assistant
Administrative Assistant/Secretary
Client Support Specialist
HR Coordinator
Product Development Specialist
Engineering or IT Professional
Web Applications/Programmer
Managing Director
General Labor
Skilled Trade
Account Executive/ Outside Sales
Active (outbound) Call Center
Active (inbound) Call Center
Technical Sales Associate
Client Support Specialist
Sales Engineer
Territory Manager
Sales Manager
General Sales
Business Development
Sales & Marketing Manager
Church Nursery
Administrative Assistant
Safety and Security
Accounting/ Bookkeeping
Teen/ Youth Ministry
Children’s Ministry
Service/ Hospitality
Media/ Communication
Music/ Worship

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