Employee Turnover can be very costly.  When factoring the costs of recruitment, hiring, training, lost productivity, and lost sales during the process, an employer will likely lose tens of thousands of dollars on each lost employee.  Using DISC hiring lessens the long-term cost of hiring by reducing employee turnover, increasing retention, helping to maintain top performers, and building strong teams.

The DISC Assessment gives crucial information about one’s personality style that is either a good match or not a match for any particular position.  The DISC Assessment focuses on aspects of the personality such as communication, ability to work with a team, decision making ability and management propensity, attention to detail and organizational skills, and what keeps a person motivated.  By applying DISC for hiring, even if it’s the DISC Assessment alone without any applied job benchmarking or consultancy, it gives an employer critical information about their potential hire that otherwise cannot be gauged from reading only a resume.

What is benchmarking?  This is the process of identifying the soft skills and personality requirements that are most successful within any particular job or career cluster.  By identifying what would make a person in this position most successful, motivated, and accurate, we can create ranges of dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance within each position that ideally a new employee’s DISC Assessment style would match.  For example, a sales person should have people skills, where an administrative assistant or IT professional should have organizational skills and the ability to pay close attention to details.  Having a programmer who didn’t create accurate code or a sales person who experienced anxiety when interacting with people could create a dangerous combination.  By creating customized career benchmarks and giving all prospective hires a DISC Assessment, you can match which qualified applicants would be the most successful within the position, leading to employee retention, increased productivity, high morale, and more.

Try Perfect Match Hiring by PeopleKeys for your next DISC Hiring need.  Each package includes an online DISC Assessment portal, an array of standard industry benchmarks for common positions within that field, and several DISC Hiring Assessments.  The Assessments gauge three different levels of a person’s personality.  First, it identifies one’s DISC Personality Style, measuring predictable behaviors, motivators, fears, communication style, and more.  Second, it identifies one’s Workplace Values, also known as internal motivators within the workplace. These values guide the decisions that we make on many levels.  And third, it identifies one’s thinking style, both as it contributes to a team environment, but also where one’s likely individual strengths will lie. Using all three of these assessments together (DISC Personality Style, TEAMS Thinking Style, and Workplace Values Style) will give you the best, in-depth understanding of a potential employee and how they match or do not match the position.  The Perfect Match Hiring packages have been specialized for the following career clusters:  Sales & Customer Service, Business, Medical, & Church/Ministry.


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