PeopleKeys offers Preferred Background Check packages, which gives you the opportunity to pre-screen employees. One of the most overlooked costs to a company is employee theft. Many companies especially medium to small business don’t have money in their budget to administer background checks on all potential employees. It is very important that management becomes aware of how severe the consequences of hiring untrustworthy employees can be. “US Chamber of Commerce figures show that employee theft is responsible for around 30% of failed small businesses.”

Many people are unaware that there are many different forms of employee theft besides the theft of currency. It has been found that employees often “steal” from the company by falsifying their time records and not getting any work done while being on the clock. Theft of supplies is another heavy cost to a business. Whether it be a restaurant and employees are taking food without paying, or an office where employees are taking the office supplies; these costs add up significantly.

It is very important that management takes a preemptive approach by addressing these issues before hiring future candidates. Get to know your employees background before you entrust them in your company.

PeopleKeys offers Preferred Background Checks in eight different packages to meet each customers needs.  Follow the link to our online store to find which package works best for you.

Reduce employee theft with a DISC Background Check

Quotation Source:”The Benefits of Employment Background Screening Services for SMEs,” Imogen Reed.


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