Hello bloggers! All of us at PeopleKeys just wanted to give you guys an update on what is new and the great new DISC products we have coming out. First off make sure you take the survey from the PeopleKeys February Newsletter to receive a 20% off coupon towards any of our DISC products. We have a few great new products that have just been released: Student Strengths Report, Perceptual Learning Style Report, and Cognitive Thinking Style Report.

By combining a simplified version of the DISC Profile Assessment written for students which focus on primary DISC Style, the Perceptual Learning Style, and the Cognitive Thinking Style Assessment, one can focus on the student’s strengths as they apply to communication, interaction, motivation, study habits, and more. This can give the student direction with career guidance and college preparation, as well as improving GPA, understanding of human behavior, and general communication.

The perceptual learning style report gives students a chance to understand what kind of learner they actually are whether it be a visual, auditory or kinesthetic. Understanding this aspect of your studies can help students to fine tune their study habits and to even help in choose on which professors they are enrolling with based on that professors teaching ways.

We also have some new online training tools available which are the Church Background Check and the Introduction to Behavioral Analysis online certification. Having this certification can help in many fields ranging from business consulting, hiring, teambuilding and and conflict resolution.

We also have an affiliate program that is also known as Link Partners. By becoming a member you can receive 20% of the commission we make from the sale of the product that your promoted on your web page for us!


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