Traditionally, life coaches are trained in the art of attentive listening.  The conventional coaching model asks coaches to serve as a sounding board for clients. As clients talk, the coach listens. But what happens when clients aren’t able to adequately articulate their needs?
To counter this problem, behavioral analysis testing has emerged as a key life coaching strategy. Because behavioral analysis testing is often able to uncover essential truths about a client that even the clients themselves don’t recognize, behavioral tests and personality assessments are becoming increasingly valued as an essential part of life coach training programs.

The behavioral analysis testing strategy that has consistently ranked highest among coaches is DISC. DISC tests, when administered by a life coach, can be a much more effective initial strategy than simply talking with a client. DISC tests clearly indicate an individual’s hopes, fears, challenges, stressors, and motivational triggers. When properly interpreted, DISC tests reveal everything from the way a person will typically behave as a part of a team, to their core values.
The Certified Behavioral Life Coach (CBLC) program from PeopleKeys delivers DISC-based coaching instruction that provides everything a life coach needs to start a successful practice. Key features of the program include:

  • Coaching instruction based on time-tested theories of DISC personality analysis. DISC theory has been a trusted psychological assessment tool for over 75 years, and presents specific formulas coaches can use to explore the connection between personality and human behavior.
  • Level 1 and Level 2 DISC training courses: Introduction to Behavioral Analysis and Christian Perspectives in Applied  Behavioral Analysis
  • Two comprehensive coaching training courses: Coaching 101 (Comprehensive Coaching Strategies) and Counseling 101 (Dynamics of Christian Counseling)
  • A marketing tips packet that covers the strategies needed to start, grow, and market a successful coaching business.
  • Ongoing access to free educational webinars
  • A customized PeopleKeys assessment portal
  • 35 DISC personality assessment reports, designed to gather a personality snapshot of clients
  • Upon completion of the PeopleKeys CBLC course, graduates receive full accreditation and certification and the title of “Certified Behavioral Life Coach.”

There are unlimited opportunities for the professional life coach.  For more information about PeopleKeys DISC-based Certified Behavioral Life Coach training, click here.


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