You wouldn’t hire an introvert to be your receptionist.
You wouldn’t hire someone who can’t make a decision to be your managing director.

You wouldn’t hire someone who struggles with time management and organization to be your executive assistant.

So how do you gauge these types of traits based on a resume alone?

Perfect Match Hiring gives you the filter you need to make the Perfect Match between the job and the applicant. Behavioral Matching is proven to increase employee retention and decrease costly employee turnover. Build strong and happy teams and start saving today!

When would I use Perfect Match Hiring?

After you’ve narrowed down the most qualified applicants from your job posting, you would send them the link to take their behavioral assessments.

The Perfect Match Hiring System Includes:
An Online PeopleKeys Account with
10 Hiring Reports

DISC Personality Style Assessment, with a Heavy Focus on
Communication Tendencies and PowerDISC Strengths in Leadership
TEAMS Thinking Style Assessment
Workplace Values Assessment
Resume Copy & Paste (optional)
Specially Generated Interview Questions

Behavioral Benchmarks

Behavioral Ranges for DISC, TEAMS, and Values Results
Green, Yellow, or Red Behavioral Matches for Each Applicant

A Phone Consultation Session
with a DISC Expert

Learn More about Perfect Match Hiring

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