PeopleKeys would like to announce a change in their DISC Certification and DISC Training requirements. Those who took the Introduction to Behavioral Analysis, Level I DISC Certification Course prior to September, 2012 are still considered to have completed DISC Certification according to PeopleKeys, DISCInsights, and the Institute for Motivational Living. However, a change in curriculum has taken place and in order to become a Certified Behavioral Consultant by PeopleKeys, one will now have to complete the advanced level of DISC Certification in addition to the Introductory, Level I DISC Certification Course. The Certified Behavioral Consultant Accreditation will now be given when one completes both levels of DISC Certification and DISC Training either through online courses, paper courses, or through live DISC Certification and Training sessions. Anyone completing only the Level I DISC Certification Course, Introduction to Behavioral Analysis, will receive a certificate of completion. The second level can be taken at a later date to complete the DISC Certification and receive the Certified Behavioral Consultant Accreditation (CBC) Online.

PeopleKeys is excited to offer this updated online DISC Certification Program, which gives new accreditation as a Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC). Through this two level, online DISC Certification Course, you will complete both the Introduction and Advanced Levels of Training in Behavioral Analysis. This comprehensive course will give you the skills needed to use the DISC Personality Style Assessment and Profiles in applications such as hiring, team building, business consultancy, sales training, conflict resolution, and more.

For more information on becoming DISC Certified and gaining the PeopleKeys accreditation of Certified Behavioral Consultant (CBC), please call us at 1-800-779-3472, email us at, or read more information at

View our live training and webinar schedule at for more information on PeopleKeys Dynamic Tools and how to use DISC for the purposes of hiring, team building, increasing sales, conflict resolution, and stress management.


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