In a business setting, DISC analysis can be used to help pre-screen employees, to build stronger and more effective teams, to strengthen sales, to help employees reach personal and professional goals, and to work through interpersonal conflicts. Everyone from employees to managers can benefit from using DISC tests to create a more productive and harmonious work environment.

When the goal is to grow a business and create a stronger product or service, DISC has clear and tangible applications. But, what about the more intangible goals of personal growth, emotional health, and coping with life change?  It’s clear what the applications of DISC analysis are in a business setting, but how can DISC tests be used in a therapeutic setting?

There are many times in life when a person faces challenges that seem insurmountable. Job prospects dwindle and relationships falter. It’s hard to find a path in life when direction is lost. For a growing number of people, life coaching is the compass that provides direction, inspiration, and focus.

With the complexity of modern life and the growing challenges our country currently faces, the profession of life coaching has increased in popularity at a rapid rate. A life coach is an individual that guides others to better understand their behavior, to maximize their strengths, to set goals, and to overcome obstacles in the way of personal and professional success.

To meet the growing need for professional life coaches, The Institute for Motivational Living and PeopleKeys recently launched a Certified Behavioral Life Coach training course that that combines DISC personality assessment with tested life coaching strategies.

The Peoplekeys Certified Behavioral Life Coaching course is a four-part instructional package that teaches strategies life coaches can use to help individuals achieve personal, professional, and spiritual growth. Part one of the course covers the theory and application of DISC testing and DISC analysis. Part two introduces Coaching 101. Part three of the course focuses on Counseling 101. To prepare life coaches to address a client’s need for spiritual guidance, part four of the life coach training course presents life coaching from a Christian values perspective.  All four course units work together to provide a comprehensive overview of how to use DISC as a basis for a wide variety of coaching and counseling services.

The Certified Behavioral Life Coaching course has valuable applications for individuals, businesses, ministries, and non-profit organizations. Whether working within the context of a ministry or in the secular world, there are unlimited opportunities for the professional life coach; Individual coaching sessions, small group coaching sessions, personal and professional seminars, and ministry counseling services are all in great demand. In addition, professional life coaches can use the knowledge and certification gained through the Certified Behavioral Life Coaching course to train others in DISC theory, assessment, and application.

The Peoplekeys Certified Behavioral Life Coaching course allows participants to:

  • Become an expert in DISC testing and effective communication strategies
  • Understand the connection between personality and behavior
  • Serve as a certified expert in the field of behavioral understanding
  • Provide coaching, counseling, and guidance to clients
  • Re-sell custom branded DISC behavioral tools and reports

Become a member of the growing profession of life coaching, and use your skills in DISC analysis to make a difference in the lives of others.

Be the compass.


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