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About Us

We help people communicate better and work together more effectively

DISCInsights (Powered by PeopleKeys®)

DISCInsights is the online DISC store and public delivery system for PeopleKeys and the Institute for Motivational Living. This online DISC store is designed to give access to an array of behavioral products, paper and online DISC profiles, DISC certification courses, and DISC behavioral training tools to the general public. Whether you are looking to take a singular DISC personality test for personal development, are a Hiring Manager looking to profile an entire group of applicants for the best hiring match, or a business consultant who purchases in quantity for consultancy or training purposes, DISCInsights has what you need at the best price. We offer volume discounts and free shipping domestically.

All online DISC and behavioral reports are delivered via PeopleKeys Online Technology. If you use online DISC reports in quantity, you may want to consider your own customizable online account within the PeopleKeys Portal. If you have a website, you may also want to consider becoming a DISCInsights affiliate. All you do is add our product banners to your website and earn passive income (commission) for all DISCInsights sales deriving from your website. DISCInsights is here to help unlock human potential by increasing understanding and communication between people, delivering DISC and other behavioral products in the most convenient and affordable way possible.


PeopleKeys has developed a state-of-the-art, online, delivery system that provides instant access to the world's most trusted DISC and behavioral assessment tools from anywhere in the world. Our customizable DISC reports are available in multiple languages and can be used to unlock the potential in people, make informed hiring decisions, increase sales, reduce turnover and improve performance.

Through the PeopleKeys Portal, you will gain access to your own personalized assessment store with customizable products and reports. You can learn by watching training videos, search and setup new users, organize by keycode or subaccount, add DISC benchmarks for hiring, and do group charting for team building. You can add your company's name and logo to the cover page and even add a page with your own company's content, mission state, contact information, or DISC application. Through the PeopleKeys Customizable Portal, you can help to Unlock the Potential in People, whether it be for hiring, team building, sales training, conflict resolution, counseling, business consultation, personal growth, ministry, or resale.

The Institute for Motivational Living

The Institute for Motivational Living is an organization passionate about helping people to understand themselves and each other better, delivering an unmatched level of insight into human behavior. By using research to better understand people, the Institute for Motivational Living is dedicated to creating materials that will help individuals, families, businesses and ministries to achieve a new level of understanding in the way people think, behave, and interact.

The Institute for Motivational Living has been around for over 30 years and is responsible for the research behind and content of each PeopleKeys DISC or behavioral report, certification course, workbook or multi-media training tool. All intellectual property for PeopleKeys delivered reports is owned and copyrighted by the Institute for Motivational Living. The Institute for Motivational Living is the sister company of PeopleKeys, combining behavioral content with state of the art technology, to deliver the best possible behavioral solution to the consumer. All DISC and behavioral reports created by the Institute for Motivational Living can be purchased online at DISCInsights or through the PeopleKeys Portal.

The Institute for Motivational Living is a training and publishing company designed to help people communicate better and work together more effectively. "The Institute" trains and certifies individuals in product usage with their behavior analysis course, "Introduction to Behavioral Analysis", both in online format and in a 3-ring binder. This training course provides the expertise to consultants, entrepreneurs, business managers, pastors and counselors in the use of the DISC Personality System and other behavioral assessment profiles for use in team building, career planning, hiring, conflict resolutions, family counseling, personal counseling, marriage counseling and executive coaching. This course and others The Institute offers are designed to teach you to apply the concepts of DISC in your business and daily life. Level II DISC Certification Courses are also available in paper and online format, titled "Advanced Behavioral Analysis" and "Applied Behavioral Analysis".

The Institute also publishes a variety of profiles for use in counseling or consulting. They include two versions of the DISC Profile: The Personality System Profile, and the Biblical Personality System Profile, both in paper format and online. They also publish many other behavioral assessment tools including The Values Style Profile, The Children's Profile, The TEAMS Thinking Style Profile, The Stress Management Profile, The Sales Style Profile, The Career Style Profile, and more.

In 1996, The Institute for Motivational Living began addressing the needs of colleges and universities in their effort to retain and acclimate students. They developed a cutting-edge program entitled Career Quest (now StudentKeys). This program provides solutions to the top retention issues that colleges and students are currently facing.

We’ve helped companies like Manpower and American Water Works. We developed learning assessments for professional tutoring organizations to use with school age students, and we developed key assessments for the Air Force Academy as part of the Leadership Training.

If you have any questions about DISCInsights, PeopleKeys, or The Institute for Motivational Living, please contact us at 1-800-779-3472 or 1-330-599-5580. We can be reached by email at

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